Humans Never Change

Tumblr post that reads, "Do not let a woman who decorates her buttocks deceive you, by wily coaxing, for she is after your granary;" someone comments below, "Some oddly specific advice from Hesiod (700BC);" someone else comments below, "Which thicc girl hurt you (and stole your grain)"
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That's Just Impressive

Caption that reads, "Thanks to whoever put a tree on our baseball field" above a pic of a single tree planted on a baseball field, next to caption that reads, "Someone stole our freaking a full-grown 15-foot tree" above a pic of a plot where a tree had clearly been stolen
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My Precious

Funny meme using bilbo baggins, lord of the rings, about stealing lighters.
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No, They Don't

Caption that reads, "I'm not sure Disney fully understands what a pirate is" above a pic of Disney pirate cartoon characters holding up a sign that reads, "A good pirate never takes another person's property!"
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It's Genius

Text conversation where someone tells their friend that they went to a sales job interview where the interviewer asked them to sell a laptop; person takes the laptop and interviewer asks if they can have it back; person 1 asks if they want to buy it back
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Is That Mr. Fantastic?

Funny meme of picture that looks like extra long arm, pickpocket.
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Can't Be Too Sure About That

Headline that reads, "NC man arrested for stealing five pounds of baby powder from CVS" above a mugshot of a guy covered in baby powder
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Hot Tip

Funny meme and roasting of someone who shoplifted.
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Funny meme about guy who stole 1500 spoons from his high school cafeteria, he is sitting in the bathtub with the spoons while wearing sunglasses.
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Stuffs For Sale

stealing failbook facebook theft - 8818860544

And They Have Taste

web comics artist stealing And They Have Taste
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Oh God, Why Are My Hands In My Pockets?

poker face Rage Comics raisin face stealing - 4975252480
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college epic hilarious stealing taco bell thief - 4083111424
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babes bud light photobomb rage stealing - 4241510656
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I Think I Can Retire Now

monday thru friday tips stealing waiter restaurant - 8307624960
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Those Primitive Bastards

lighter stealing fire funny - 8186529792
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