Funny roasts and responses to wealth hack on linkedin that is just stealing from hotels and their guests, finance

Finance Bro Roasted For Sharing a 'Wealth Hack' on LinkedIn That's Literally Just Stealing

People on LinkedIn are famously insufferable. Wannabe career influencers and dubious entrepreneurs love posting cringe to the site, and while we scoff at it, sometimes it's hard to look away. The tired soliloquies that glorify the grind, the heinous harping about how if you just hustle now you'll enjoy life later. There's no better place to watch a person publicly lick the system's proverbial boot. While the pro-work nonsense does get tedious, every now and then there's a LinkedIn post that add…
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DoorDash Driver Splits Opinion After Allegedly Revealing How Easy It Is To Steal Orders

Who knew
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Redditor Switches Milk On Lactose Intolerant Flatmate, Causes Her To Poop Herself In Job Interview

The devil's in the dairy.
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Jean Valjeans of Reddit Share What Is Deemed "Okay" To Steal

Many people are in agreement that stealing is bad. But most of those people are narcs. You know, parents, teachers , business owners. When I was younger I was into shoplifting. I would lift makeup from corporate drugstores and give the goods to girls in my homeroom in the hopes of making friends. The friendship thing didn't really pan out, and eventually I got caught trying to pocket some Maybelline mascara. All I was left with was CVS-related PTSD and anxious flashbacks whenever “Soak Up the S…
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Crafty Shopper Splits Opinion After Price Swapping Steak

Dinner on a budget
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Tiktok woman allows someone to steal, commenters are supportive of her robin hood-like act.

TikToker Tells Story of Letting an Elderly Man Steal Food From Her Work, Sparks Surprisingly Supportive Discussion

“This comment section passed the vibe check.”
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TikTokers Turn To Life Of Crime As They Pretend To Unlock Celebrities’ Phones

Gimme that Apple Pay
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Outraged Woman Starts Debate After Allegedly Getting Gas Stolen

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Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend, Comes Home To Outrageous Petty Revenge

There are few greater gambles than falling in love . When it goes wrong the consequences can be disastrous. A broken heart is the kind of feeling that only time can heal, but unfortunately that doesn’t make the immediate fallout any less embarrassing and dramatic. For the majority of us, this probably begins and ends with a classic drunk calling habit, or mournfully spying on your ex’s social media after you’ve blocked them. Unfortunately, though, some people take things much, much further. One…
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Meanwhile In The UK: Seagull Shoplifts, Nobody Knows What To Do About It

This is not a country that deals well with audacity.
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Funny text message story about a scammer who requests money via Apple Pay | Hello is neighbor with some car trouble can assist My neighbor am experiencing car trouble and left my wallet mistakingly at home Is this Jeff? Yes Oh should've said so can just grab wallet and bring am far away bring could send Apple Pay and will pay back shortly

Dude's 'Neighbor' Asks For Money, Proving Scammers Keep Getting More Creative

They just keep getting better!
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It's Hard Out There For A Thief

Funny photo of an unemployment benefits application being filled out by a burglar, where they say the reason for it is that "Everyone is home"
Via bowings691
Funny video of a Southern woman getting into a fight with a restaurant manager

Obnoxious Karen Gets Owned By Angry Restaurant Manager

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Funny tweets about things people would steal to slightly inconvenience someone's day

Hypothetical Burglars Reveal The Little Things They Would Steal To Ruin Someone's Day

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Funny random memes, dating memes, weekend, weekend memes, dating, relationships, relationship memes, stupid memes, chucky, anti-vaxxers, anti-vaxxer memes.

25 Meaningless Memes That'll Help You Fart Your Life Away

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Funny video of a guy who tries to take an ATM on the bus with him

Bold Guy Tries To Take An ATM Home With Him In This Hysterical Video

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