Help Me Obi-Pun Kenobi...

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By floatingpoint

Annoying Facebook Girl: More Statii, More Problems

annoying facebook girl facebook Jay Z problems status - 5587026944
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Annoying Facebook Girl: She Typed It an Hour Ago and Waited to Click Post

2012 annoying facebook girl facebook idiots status - 5632824320
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Classic: Unhelpful Title

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By Taricalmcacil

Even the ones about the girl who's FB stalking him...

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Facebook, Y U No Prevent This

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By Unknown

Forever Uncreative

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By FuuuYou

How People View My Facebook

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By Unknown

Maybe you have Lupin?

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Scumbag One Percent Makes Worthless Requests

facebook Occupy Wall Street request status - 5443191808
By TaylorTheDerpette

Thanks Uncle Jeff

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By kaylaroys

Does That Mean I'm Allowed to Cut You Down?

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By Fatalyze

Tree's a Crowd

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By Unknown

Annoying Facebook Girl: Gets Even More Pissed Off When You Troll Her

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By molotovsolution

Found Logged In By Alec

facebook hacked status - 5332841728
By thatsparker

Scumbag Steve: Lose at Facebook, Lose at Life

argument facebook lost Scumbag Steve status - 5338307328
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