I Suppose it's a Slight Upgrade From Lefty...

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Via Atrophyy

Notify Him of This, Too!

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By SonicShadow191

Please Mark, Take Me Back!

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By ATO2012

Your Approval Rating Sucks, Bro

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By Scoty2kk

Trolling is Asexual

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By Kuro Ikana

Topical, Right?

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By Unknown

Depends, Do You Only Mean One Friend?

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By MadisonW

Spelling is Important, Mmkay?

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By loin mcgina

Nurrrbuddy Currrrs

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By Daniel

What Does That Say About Me?

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By PurpleHaze15

Noob Facebooker

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By Unknown

Pics or I'll Do It for You

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By Unknown

Seems Like They're Really Getting to the Crust of the Matter

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By Minecraftfans

That Awkward Moment When Someone Reads Your Comment and Posts It Elsewhere

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By trollerroller

A Woman Wouldn't Whine

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By TehJawknee

Piss Off, He Just Accidentally the Whole

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By chugthug