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Wildest Posts From the Depths of Facebook (May 7, 2023)

Some statuses don't need updating
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Amusing Discord Statuses That Perfectly Represent The Chaos Of The Platform

The status is the window to the soul.
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Oh How Dangerous!

facebook status - 7888853504
Created by I3ass0

She Just Wants to Go Back to Her Own Living Quarters

comic status - 7020480512
Via Ryan Lowrie

Believe It or Not There Was a World Before the Internet

internet social media status Pie Chart - 6890048512
Created by Unknown

Stop the Madness. Enjoy the Snow

snow facebook status - 6833288704
Created by Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: Still No Change

doctor literalism change status condition double meaning classic - 6712134656
Created by jojodmo2010 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

I'll Put Them On My List

facebook like overly attached girlfriend single status - 6568500480
Created by deadman-NUKE

The Amount of Likes on This Post Just Keeps Going Up

elevator facebook sex status update variations on a theme - 6577142528
Created by Kevin Bacon

This is So Typical of the Facebook Hive Mind

bee bees comment conversation facebook status update variations on a theme - 6569736960
Created by Caleb

I Always Take These Kind of Jokes for Pomegranate

conversation facebook fruit status update variations on a theme - 6513461504
Created by skateboarddog

Will You Go to Bed Now?

facebook nobody cares sleep status - 6499222784
Created by seifer44

Don't Even Ask ;(

conspiracy keanu facebook feelings Morpheus so sad status - 6494817536
Created by davidtherandom ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

What? It's the Song of the Summer

call me maybe facebook Music status - 6502934272
Created by Brent

I'm Betting She Has More Important Things on Her Mind

blind facebook status stroke - 6466165504
Created by Unknown

Rage Comics: Well, They Weren't Wrong

facebook Rage Comics status you dont say - 6364440320
Created by Colbz7
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