Take the stairs, not the elevator. Great for your health, and for a makeshift workout when you're stuck at home, just make sure to take them one at a time, you wouldn't want to trip over some of these multi-leveled puns.


Funny meme, stairs, stare memes, puns | Please can I see pictures of peoples stairs? DIY On A Budget Official 20 mins
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This Move Isn't For Everyone

Funny meme about going up the stairs on all fours.
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Funny memes about walking up the stairs two at a time.

Memers Are Now Fake-Glorifying People Who Go Up Two Stairs At A Time

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No More, Where's the Elevator

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You've Been Using the Handrail All Wrong

funny gifs stairs You've Been Using the Handrail All Wrong
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Water Slinky

slinky gifs water stairs - 8218065408
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Seems Legit

falling stairs - 8579425024
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stairs - 8577736960
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jump scare nope stairs - 75012097

This Jump Scare Made Me Pee a Little

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Hope They Made It

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escalator hilarious stairs - 6282922752
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falling hilarious passed out stairs wtf - 5195460096
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Look Who Lost The Stair Race

dogs gifs puppies stairs steps - 8545701120
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Just Take a Couple of Steps a Day

dogs gifs puppies stairs corgis - 8544383232
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Route to Upstairs

mindwarp gifs stairs Cats - 8541180160

Ladies and Gentlemen, Modern America

fitness exercise stairs - 8233104128
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