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Reddit thread where people who grew up in the 90s discuss what they miss most about the 90s

90s Kids Discuss What They Miss Most About The 90s

RIP AOL chat rooms
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A Cringeworthy Closet Packed to the Gills With Undeniable Cringe

Forget skeletons
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A Shameful Collection of Winceworthy Cringe

My eyes
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Different Flavors of Cringe Scraped from the Bottom of the Cringe Barrel

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Sassy Restaurant Calls Out Entitled Karen Who Refused To Wait For Food

She deserved it
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Rick and Morty Get Cancelled, Greta Gets Arrested, and Pink Sauce Hits Walmart

Plus: erotic chaos at La Vergne Police Department.
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Twitter Reacts to Allegations Against 'Rick and Morty' Co-creator Justin Roiland

I turned myself into a scumbag, Morty!
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A Healthy Helping of Heinously Cringeworthy Moments

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Examples of Cringeworthy Things to Cringe At

Feeling bad
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Abandoned Pigs, Dead Friendships, and Mighty Expensive Eggs

Embracing that January cheer.
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People Discuss Conspiracy Theories They Actually Believe

There are some pretty bonkers conspiracy theories out there that are only convincing if you're stoned enough, but unless you're living in blissful ignorance, there are probably more than a few things you're a little skeptical about. In a recent r/AskReddit thread about plausible conspiracy theories, incredulous people discuss all the things they're particularly suspicious about, like dollar slice places in New York (are they a money laundering front?) and memes about movies and TV shows (are the
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A compilation of cringe and funny LinkedIn posts and memes about LinkedIn

Cringe LinkedIn Posts & Memes That Won't Help You Build Your Network

If you think Twitter's a hellsite, you've got a big storm coming
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Awful Cringe Sourced Straight From the Bowels of the Internet

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A compilation of hilarious tweets, Facebook posts, texting conversations, and so on.

Insane Posts That Come Once in a Lifetime

Most posts are a dime a dozen. You see hundreds of posts every day, but few have much staying power within your consciousness. However, there are those rare post that through being shared over and over again, have attained a legendary status. These posts vary from unknowingly hilarious tweets made by nobodies to utterly insane insults crafted by the most creative minds. So many people want to create a hit post, but very few of us have skills to do so intentionally. Most of the time, the best po…
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Prince Harry is Wild, Online Moms Hate Their Kids, and an OnlyFans Creator is Musty

Plus, y'all already know who Topher is.
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Awful Cringe That Really, Really Sucks

Can't look away
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