Soccer. Not to be mistaken with football or any other random ball sports. A gentleman's sport full of goals dips dives cries and whistles. If you dream to bend it like Beckham, then get a laugh at these hilarious soccer jokes and puns.

Twitter thread where sports fans and twitter users share the most disgusting and cringey food they were served at a match, cursed images, disgusting food, sausages | the worst food you have had at a football match? Here's mine. extremely long sausage in a bun | Cray @joe9696taylor  Replying to @elliotwhu Stevenage away turd in a salad

People Share Heinous Foods They've Bought at Sports Events

Prepare to be disgusted.
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'Pizza GF & Super Mario BF' and Other Spicy Memes From the Euro 2020 Final

The memes are coming home
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Funny memes, silly memes, random memes, cats, cat memes, tigers, animal memes.

34 Assorted Memes That'll Help You Take It Easy

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Poor Sam

Pic of a goalie on a foggy soccer field with Tumblr text that reads, "Goalkeeper Sam Bartram, alone on the pitch, not realizing that the game had been abandoned 15 minutes earlier due to heavy fog - December 25, 1937;" someone comments below, "My last brain cell"
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Funny reactions to game of thrones trailer, season 8.

HBO Just Released Trailer For Game Of Thrones' Final Season And Fans Are Flipping

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Really Makes You Think

Funny memes and tweet about 21 savage.
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Hurry TF Up!

Funny meme about slow walkers.
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Live Laugh Love <3

Caption that reads, "Omg literally goals" above four pics of goals
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photoshop battle france

The President Of France Celebrating The World Cup Is Serious Photoshop Perfection

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Funny and wholesome memes.

24 Wholesome Memes & Posts To Fight Those Monday Blues

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Soccer Legend Maradona's World Cup Reactions Are Pure Meme FIRE

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11 More Hilarious World Cup Memes And Tweets For All Your Football Cravings

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Senegal's Soccer Coach Is Getting Magnificently Meme-ified

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futbol world cup memes world cup sports memes soccer memes soccer world cup 2018 pro sports - 5955845

15 Epic Soccer Memes To Kick Off The 2018 World Cup

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When Your Friend Comes To You With The Realization That Her Boyfriend Actually *Was* A Scumbag All Along

Gif of Vladimir Putin humbly celebrating a Russian goal during the 2018 World Cup
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Live Today at 12:00 pm PST The first WORLD PUP!

adorable puppies world cup cute soccer funny - 9176945920
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