Soccer. Not to be mistaken with football or any other random ball sports. A gentleman's sport full of goals dips dives cries and whistles. If you dream to bend it like Beckham, then get a laugh at these hilarious soccer jokes and puns.

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A Secaucus Junction During Rush Hour Worth of Memes About the World Cup Being in New Jersey

Gabagool prices are going to go through the roof!
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The Funniest Sports Tweets of All Time (February 9, 2024)

Directional State University Football >>>
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A compilation of memes about roller derby

Roller Derby Memes for Well-Rounded Adults With Hobbies

Hobbyists unite!
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Funniest Tweets and Memes About the Thrilling FIFA World Cup Final

Messi = confirmed GOAT
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A compilation of memes about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

World Cup Memes For FIFA Fiends

We're 10 days into the World Cup, and already the games have been riddled with drama! Before they even started, members of the international community raised concerns about the games being held in Qatar. The games are being held in a stadium that was built by slave labor, and many of these “workers” died in the process. Qat Some English fans were not allowed to enter the stadium after showing up in battle outfits from the Crusades.
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Fresh and funny tweets from Twitter

Fresh Tweets We Stole From the Bird App (November 27, 2022)

If you've spent any significant amount of time on the hellscape of a website that is Twitter, then you are aware that not all tweets were created equal. Most of the riffs and rants that people see fit to scream into the Twitter abyss are either totally cringey, borderline (or straight-up) offensive, or, at its absolute worst, maybe even both. There's also the percentage of tweets being flung around that are so basic they actually make us fume. You know what we're talking about. The banal sentim…
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A compilation of soccer and football memes

Soccer Memes For Fans Who Call It Football

I have a question for the agora: how did The United States manage to mess up so badly by naming American football the exact same thing as actual football? I find this to be a grave oversight on our part, and I'd like to know who is responsible. Why would you name a brand new sport after a sport that already existed? Why didn't they just call American football American rugby? There are so many questions here. The thing about soccer is that you actually use your foot on the ball . That's why it i…
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A compilation of NFL and professional football themed memes

NFL Memes For Football Fiends

We're finally back into the groove of football season , which makes me think about how I first got into football. I became a fan at my high school games, soaking up the Friday Night Lights that Texas does best. In college, I moved on to following the antics of the Big 10. Now that I'm an adult, it's about time I settled down with an NFL team. It's so interesting to hear about how different people first got interested in the game. So many of us really came for the vibes: the energy of a football…
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Twitter thread where sports fans and twitter users share the most disgusting and cringey food they were served at a match, cursed images, disgusting food, sausages | the worst food you have had at a football match? Here's mine. extremely long sausage in a bun | Cray @joe9696taylor  Replying to @elliotwhu Stevenage away turd in a salad

People Share Heinous Foods They've Bought at Sports Events

Prepare to be disgusted.
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'Pizza GF & Super Mario BF' and Other Spicy Memes From the Euro 2020 Final

The memes are coming home
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34 Assorted Memes That'll Help You Take It Easy

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Poor Sam

Pic of a goalie on a foggy soccer field with Tumblr text that reads, "Goalkeeper Sam Bartram, alone on the pitch, not realizing that the game had been abandoned 15 minutes earlier due to heavy fog - December 25, 1937;" someone comments below, "My last brain cell"
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Funny reactions to game of thrones trailer, season 8.

HBO Just Released Trailer For Game Of Thrones' Final Season And Fans Are Flipping

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Really Makes You Think

Funny memes and tweet about 21 savage.
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Hurry TF Up!

Funny meme about slow walkers.
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Live Laugh Love <3

Caption that reads, "Omg literally goals" above four pics of goals
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