Funny meme about someone one-upping your unhealthy lifestyle
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cats sleeping

27 Cute AF Pics Of Cats Sleeping In Bizarre Positions

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I'm Out

Caption that reads, "Imagine you marry someone and find out they sleep like No. 6" above a chart of different sleeping positions, number six being very odd
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Ooh, What'll It Be Today??

Tweet that reads, "I like to play this game called Nap Roulette. It's where I take a nap but don't set an alarm. Will it be a 30-minute nap? Will it be a four-hour nap? Will I wake up tomorrow? Nobody knows. But it's risky. And I like it"
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I'm Just Resting My Eyes I Swear

Caption that reads, "'Don't fall asleep;' Me: 'I'm not;' Also me: ..." above a pic of Ice-T falling asleep sitting in a chair
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Lol Oops Sorry

Caption that reads, "Texting me is really like" above a text conversation that reads, "Person 1: I fell asleep, hi; Person 2: Awww; Person 1: Sorry I fell asleep again LMFAO"
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I Just Can't Figure It Out

Eric Andre meme where he shoots 'a healthy sleeping schedule' and can't figure out why he's always tired
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OH God, Anything But That

Funny meme about going to sleep and thinking about existence.
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Good Question

Text conversation where one person asks their tall friend how tall people sleep at night if the blanket doesn't cover their entire bodies
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Gnight y'all!

Funny meme about Patrick Star and sleep
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Make It Stop

Funny meme about going to sleep and hearing your pet licking itself.
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Why Am I So Tired?

Funny meme about getting 3 hours of sleep instead of 8.
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It's All Worth It For Those Sweet, Sweet Zzzzz

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funny sleep meme.
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Funny meme about wanting to sleep.