I Can't Quit You

Funny meme about not being able to quit your bed.
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Digital Rabbit Hole

Funny meme about saying you'll check your phone quickly but then staying up until 10am.
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That Morning Feeling

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These Memes Will Remind You to Blame Yourself at 3am for Why You're So Tired Now

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'Slept Like a Baby Last Night...'

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I'll Get Up When I'm Ready

parents sleep cows I'll Get Up When I'm Ready
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I've Found My True Calling

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The Best Ideas Always Come at Night

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Yeah Baby I'm Still Her...

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Just Some Things To Think About Before You Go To Bed

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How Dolphins Sleep

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Wake Up And Feed Me

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Cat Keeps Themselves Entertained

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A Handy Place to Sleep

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Meerkat Realizes The Futility of Being Alive

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