Nicki Minaj Totally Looks Like Sue Denim (Robots in Disguise)

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By jilliegoat

Canoness Selena Agna Totally Looks Like Lady Gaga

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By AKM94burgerz

Hakuna Matata

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By emps

Kesha On The Beach Totally Looks Like Krang's Robot Body

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By maximumzero

Doctor Who Monster Totally Looks Like Miley Cyrus

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By smileyeilee

Joni Mitchell Totally Looks Like Steven Tyler

Music musicians singers steven tyler - 5023534592
By babydee0413

Lady Gaga Totally Looks Like M. Bison From 'Street Fighter'

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By chelseafletcher86

Nicki Minaj Totally Looks Like Jupiter from Team Galactic

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By joeyovenstone

Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry) From "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Totally Looks Like Lily Allen

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By Unknown

TLL Classics: Susan Boyle Totally Looks Like Bird Lady from "Home Alone 2"

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By Unknown

Harley Quinn From "Arkham Asylum" Video Game Totally Looks Like Gwen Stefani On The Cover Of "V Magazine"

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By Bobbobberson

Christina Aguilera Totally Looks Like Hatchet Face From "Crybaby"

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By roni322

TLL Classics: Paula Abdul Totally Looks Like This Feather Duster

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By Unknown

Selena Gomez Totally Looks Like Ewok

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By Unknown

Tracy Chapman Totally Looks Like Landau from America's Got Talent

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By Facinelli4ever

Ariana Grande (Victorious) Totally Looks Like Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

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By thatrandomguy22