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Stepmom banishes 16-year-old from dinner table for singing poorly, praises her 18-year-old sister: 'She started to cry'

Only divas are allowed to eat
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'She must have very rich parents': Little girl performs horrendous rendition of The National Anthem, gets compared to Fergie

The performance of a lifetime
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Aspiring Musician 'Traveled 1000km' to Perform in Times Square, Faces Roasting on Twitter

What is he trying to say
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Aesthetic Thread Reveals Album Covers That Look Exactly Like How the Album Sounds

Good design
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TikTok comments section where people debate whether singers should actually sing well at karaoke

People Debate Whether Singers Should Show Off At Karaoke

Cringe or not cringe?
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Melodious Music Memes for Musicians and the Musically Inclined

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15+ Musicboard Reviews That Confirm Music Nerds Are Weirdos

It’s pretty difficult to find many individuals out there who have a serious aversion to music . There’s nothing like the unifying power of song to bring us all together, unless we start arguing about music taste — in which case, we will never hear the end of which genre is better and why. It’s a golden rule that the deeper you get into having music as an interest, the more insufferable you become and Musicboard is proof of that phenomenon. However, it can make for some pretty funny takedowns. T…
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Get Your Ass On The Dance Floor

Funny meme that reads, "When someone brings hateration and holleration to the dancery" above a photo of Mary J. Blige looking angry
Via beleaves

Mozart You Sly Dog

Funny meme about how Mozart composed a piece just to troll a performer he didn't like | Mozart disliked a performer named adriana so knowing her tendency to drop her chin on low notes and throw back her head on high notes Mozart wrote a song
Via Ramaji7
Video showing Cyndi Lauper singing with isolated vocals on 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'

Cyndi Lauper's Isolated Vocals Show Just How Talented She Is

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Funny confused reaction meme featuring Billie Eilish with bright green hair roots at the Oscars | tweet by Matt Patches @misterpatches ok boomer face 9:01 PM Feb 9, 2020 Twitter Web App Price 15.00 Price 20.00 Shipping 1.99 Shipping: Free

'Confused Billie Eilish' Is An Oscar-Worthy Reaction Meme

Billie Eilish was not havin' Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph's singing, apparently.
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Funny and cringey video of Mariah Carey being interviewed and indicating that she doesn't know that bills have to get paid

Mariah Carey Doesn't Know About Paying Bills, According To This Interview

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Funny video sketch of a person who only knows one line of 'Tiny Dancer' by Elton John

Video For Anyone Who Only Knows One Line Of 'Tiny Dancer'

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Funny video of Britney Spears laughing on stage after a fan yells at her on stage

Britney Spears Cracks Up During Live Performance

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Hell Yeah Enya

Funny meme about how Enya lives alone in a castle with her cats
Via Mmeeoowwmmiixx
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That One Friend Who Fancies Themselves a Singer

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