Barry Manilow Totally Looks Like Jack Frost from "Santa Clause 3"

Barry Manilow jack frost Martin Short movies singers - 4746495744
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Rihanna Totally Looks Like Surprised Rage Face

meme meme faces musicians pop singers rage face rihanna singers - 5134860288

Britney Spears Totally Looks Like Garth (Wayne's World)

actor britney spears dana carvey garth movies singers waynes world - 3333882112
Created by blbright

Your Mom Sure Does Vote A Lot Then

American Idol singers Pie Chart television - 7954861824
Created by kittensloveham

Epic Meal Time Guy Totally Looks Like The Singer of Lungfish

singers totally looks like beards - 7957178624

The One Chart Taylor Swift Isn't Topping

Music singers country music - 7820748800
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"F.U.N." Alone Is Better Than All Their Crappy Songs Combined!

crappy nickelodeon Pie Chart singers SpongeBob SquarePants - 5624579840

Replotted: I'll Be a Man and Fix That For You

be a man best of week cartoons disney mulan Pie Chart singers - 5536304128

Paris Jackson Totally Looks Like Jared Leto

jared leto paris jackson singers - 5290544128
Created by zeircei

Sneezy Britney Totally Looks Like Cowardly Lion

britney spears Cowardly Lion pop singers singers the wizard of oz - 5276590848
Created by sickman3000

Trevor Fehrman Totally Looks Like Conor Oberst

actors musicians singers - 5269947392
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Rebecca Black Totally Looks Like Young Penelope Cruz

actress actresses pop singers Rebecca Black singers - 5262610688
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Beyonce At The 2011 VMAs Totally Looks Like Medusa

beyoncé hair medusa musicians pop singers singers - 5158206976
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Steven Tyler Totally Looks Like Gyrados

Aerosmith musicians Pokémon singers steven tyler - 5245144832

TLL Classics: Adam Lambert Totally Looks Like Liza Minelli

adam lambert classics Liza Minelli pop singers singers - 5230883328

Lady Gaga Totally Looks Like a Smurf

blue lady gaga musicians pop singers singers - 5194019584
Created by wildfrenzy31