All The Green Guys Accounted For

Funny meme showing a chart of splicings between Shrek, Kermit, Baby Yoda, and Mike from Monsters Inc.
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Funny meme, villagers, shrek, funny tweet about michigan guys who look like the villagers from shrek.
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funny 'not a cell phone in sight' meme.

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But They Aren't *Real* People

Funny Shrek meme about old people who stare at anyone who doesn't look "conventional"
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Funny meme about storming area 51.
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Funny memes about old Steve Rogers saying "no, i don't think i will" september 11th, dank memes, chris evan, chris evans memes.

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Why Is A Baby In A Movie Theater In The First Place

Caption that reads, "Nobody: ... Babies in movie theaters: ..." above a still of Shrek yelling
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Biscuit Guy

Caption that reads, "Our new Shrek play area is ready for the children. Including friends like Cat in Shoes, Biscuit Guy and Unpleasant Mule" above a pic of a play structure that has structures of knockoff characters from Shrek
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