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20+ Dank Memes For Internet Cowboys

Get your butts to this meme hoedown
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Writer Hates On Shrek, Everybody Sharpens Their Pitchforks

Who decided that this was a good idea?
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20 Dank Shrek Memes To Commemorate 20 Years Of Shrek

Happy Anniversary Shrek!
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25 Of The Best 'Trade Offer' Memes On The Internet

They're worth your while.
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Oh, The Hypocrisy

Funny meme about how shrek is a hypocrite for making fun of Lord Farquaad's appearance | Shrek Movies: Don't judge others by their appearance. Shrek Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy
Via u/luzy__

Have Some Manners, Jeez

Funny meme about old people staring at people with dyed hair and piercings above an image of Shrek staring at something | old people: Don't stare it's rude. Save Old people when they see someone with dyed hair and piercings:
Via youdontevenknowbroke
funny random memes | just realized never" is contraction not ever" and "blush" is contraction blood rush" also "studying" is contraction student dying" yes tiny shrek using a phone | Manager have got? Cashier Karen Well, Ive got talking donkey.

Thirty-Eight Random Memes For Time-Wasting Purposes

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Funny memes about Smash Mouth, All Star, Shrek | MY BROTHER ANOTHER MOTHER STEVE SMASH MOUTH. Aarón If they kiss beard will be completed lol Unlike Reply 37 54 mins Guy Fieri | JI All Star but 's played on sharpest tool my shed 726K views 43K 4K Share Download Add Joe Jenkins D SUBSCRIBE 59K subscribers

Fourteen Smash Mouth Memes That Somebody Once Told Us About

The years start coming and they don't stop coming.
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Funny memes about Shrek | COULD STOP TRYING KILL US 2020 FIVE MINUTES Shrek with red glowing eyes | accidentally open front-facing camera zoomed in photo of Shrek's face

Fifteen Dank Shrek Memes Full Of Love And Life

SomeBODY once told me...
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Funny memes featuring Shrek, entitled, "Like That's Ever Gonna Happen" | Queen Elizabeth Person - THIS IS HAPPENS QUEEN DIES Like 's ever gonna happen | My Crush online Today Can ask something? 11.38 AM W On is 138 AM LIFE now have confidence say this %3D 11:38 AM W Will go on date with 1138 AM HE W course have been waiting so DRAGON long ask e HIGHEST

Eighteen Dank Shrek Memes That Consider The Improbable

Get Shrekt
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Funny twitter meme that pairs celebrities and popular characters with the thigh high books of Lalisa Manoban of Blackpink | Jeff Goldblum Let's Talk Man-Thing @Adventurin2Fear Did work? 9:17 PM 4/25/20 Twitter iPhone | Timothee Chalamet becca @laurieslaurence did work 7:43 PM 4/26/20 Twitter iPhone

Twitter's Putting Thigh High Boots On Everyone And Their Mom

Hot stuff.
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funny memes, funny tweets, shrek memes, lord of the rings memes, gimli, dank memes, twitter memes | lotr lord of the rings gimli dwarf: Bridge invented 130 B.C People 131 B.C: Toss me. confused math lady: MY FRIENDS PLAY STRATEGY GAMES 30° 459 60° jsin xdhe cosx +C 10 sin igx +C. COs tan 60 dx +C sinx 30° eiad arcig +x Aac PLAY STRATEGY GAMES Do really look lke guy with plan?

A Crap Ton Of Memes For Discerning Time Wasters

Give in to your procrastination.
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All The Green Guys Accounted For

Funny meme showing a chart of splicings between Shrek, Kermit, Baby Yoda, and Mike from Monsters Inc.
Via thememerman124


Funny meme, villagers, shrek, funny tweet about michigan guys who look like the villagers from shrek.
Via @memebase
Funny dank memes about Shrek

Dank 'N' Fresh Shrek Sh*tposts (14 Stupid Memes)

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funny 'not a cell phone in sight' meme.

'Not A Cell Phone In Sight' Is A Meme Brimming With Facetious Nostalgia

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