You must be on a quest if you've come to search here. Searching for the search is a arduous task full of danger and glory, and also maybe even a backspace or two. Google provides us with endless fill in the blanks that are truly hysterical and sometimes mildly disturbing. So if you like to see how ridiculous search engines can get, you won't be disappointed.


hilarious search Target twilight - 6481433600
Created by darthmalik

Oh, Bungie

bungie google search the internets - 6328429568
Created by Unknown


car cops hilarious monkeys search - 6226656512
Created by kudypro

Vengeance Dad: Time to Snipe IRL

bodies PTSD Clarinet Kid search Time Waster video games - 6175324416
Created by Cloud.Strife ( Via Awkward Family Photos )

Good Thing Google Keeps Our Searches "Secret"

google mother of god no way Rage Comics screwed search - 6103266048
Created by Unknown

Placement is Critical

autocomplete google How To search suggestions - 5974390272
Created by Memerol

Is This a Common Problem?

google interwebs search venn diagram - 5931540992
Created by Unknown

Carl Is Very Precise

google llama search - 5863615232
Created by sirtrololo

He Just Crashes Right Through

auto complete dinosaur google jesus search - 5815821568
Created by Unknown

At Least It Isn't Throwing Cocounts

google search suggestions velociraptor - 5527377152
Created by Unknown

Bing Users

ancient aliens big google microsoft search users - 5524166400
Created by Alex

Two Second Volley, Followed by Five Minute Search

chase chasing Pie Chart ping pong search - 5461964800
Created by littlestar007

C Is For Cache, It's Cleared Enough for Me

browser Cookie Monster cookies search Sesame Street the most interesting man in the world - 5390908672
Created by Unknown

Some Men Just Want to Make the Front Page

credit front page google search some men - 5364096768
Created by regardsdolan

He's Gone Off the Grid!

cannot chrome FAIL find google question search waldo wheres waldo - 5323256064
Created by KittehBoy1963

Foul Bachelor Frog: Better Safe Mode Than Sorry

911 foul bachelor frog heart attack history internet safe search - 5231438592
Created by Biggmac4444