You must be on a quest if you've come to search here. Searching for the search is a arduous task full of danger and glory, and also maybe even a backspace or two. Google provides us with endless fill in the blanks that are truly hysterical and sometimes mildly disturbing. So if you like to see how ridiculous search engines can get, you won't be disappointed.

All Valid Problems

search hate funny google - 8430477568
Created by Unknown

Google Never Got "The Talk"

search funny google - 8382253824
Created by Unknown

Giving Up Is Just Easier

search giving up funny google - 8279663872
Created by Unknown

It Just Swears at Me When I Search for Stuff

search drunk funny google - 8235245312
Created by Unknown

Good Guy Nintendo Teaches People How to Find Walkthroughs Online

search nintendo - 8104071936
Created by Unknown

Google And Starbucks Don't Mix

search wtf Starbucks funny google - 8008749056
Created by APShark

Look at YouTube's Doge Results: Such Search, So Meme

search the internets youtube doge - 7921566208
Via YouTube: doge search

Question: Why Were You Searching for Two Broke Girls?

search google - 7886499584
Created by Unknown

One Trick Search Engine

bing search google - 7654448128
Created by Unknown

My Name is Commander Shepard and This is My Favorite Google Search

search the internets mass effect google - 7032974080
Created by Luciano Giannotti


search priorities google - 4410147072
Created by MaddyBooger


search minecraft genius - 6721360384
Created by Unknown

Sure, But Can You Rebake One?

baking cake google search - 6547344896
Created by Unknown


awesome google pr0n search - 6508701952
Created by Subsubhuman

What Treasures Might Be Hidden in the Final "O"?

desperate google Memes search what why - 6494958848
Created by Something_Bold


hilarious search Target twilight - 6481433600
Created by darthmalik