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'Your roommate is lying to you': Crafty college student uses food delivery app to scam roommate out of free food

DoorDash = hacked
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'I think I'm gonna get raptured': 92 year old grandma expertly pranks scam callers

Making them hang up
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'I woke up to $500 in charges on my credit card': PlayStation bans gamer for getting scammed, he makes parent company fly him to California

He got that money back somehow
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Scammer steals credit card information to rent car, emails card owner and asks why he canceled the rental: 'Sorry to use the details hee hee'

"Hee hee"
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Ad Spam on X, Kate Middleton Disappearance Rumors, and the Willy Wonka Immersive Experience

It's been a wild time.
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Willy Wonka experience uses AI renderings to sell tickets, delivers bleak nightmare: 'They charged $45 for this'

Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure abomination
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'Are they insane?': Employee understandably turns down $2.50 job, employer wants 'to talk'

That's less than subway fare
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Delusional Lady Charges People to Cat-Sit, Calls It a 'Cat Cafe'

The side hustle has gone too far
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“Next we’ll have food rentals”: Stingy restaurant charges bizarre fees for taking food to go

That's a new one
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Randomly Lucrative Loopholes Redditors Have Successfully Exploited

Lots of vending machine hacks
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Scammy Hairstylist Charges Clients $125 for a Virtual Product Consultation

How can you do that over Zoom?
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Wacky Lady Claims She Can Cure Bad Eyesight With Essential Oils

Sure, Jan
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People Discuss Evil Companies That Need to be Talked About More

It goes without saying, there is a lot of evil in this world. For the most part, companies and businesses are rewarded for bad behavior . The end goal of any operation is to make money, so with that in mind, you can imagine that a lot of the largest, most successful businesses engage in less-than-ethical behavior often. It doesn't take a genius to realize that. The only way we're going to improve the world, even marginally, is going to be by discussing the actions of the guilty. There are a lot…
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'The in-network option is a helicopter and I live 3 miles by the road from the hospital': Person Stands Up to Unreasonable Insurance Company By Suggesting a Bill for an Emergency Helicopter Ride

It's difficult to imagine something more insidious, unreasonable, and unhelpful than American health insurance services. If you're an American, I don't need to remind you. For those of you who live anywhere else, it is so much worse than what you're assuming. In my experience, my first response to any illness or injury is to ignore it. That's an incredibly dystopian sentiment, but it's the unfortunate reality of this country. With all that said, don't expect any dealings with an insurance compa…
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Funny memes and cringey multi-level marketing posts, pyramid schemes, boss babes

Pyramid Scheme Memes and Multi-Level Marketing Cringe For People Who Know Better

I've gone most of my life without really knowing anyone who is involved with multi-level marketing, aka pyramid schemes. Honestly, I kind of pity some of the people who get involved with them. But save for a couple of suburban moms I know tangentially, I've been kindly spared from solicitous direct messages from boss babes about how their products - or joining their team - will change my life. Until this year. It would seem my cousin has fallen prey to the seductive lifestyle that so many MLM g…
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People Discuss The Biggest Scams in History

Giving Joanne the Scammer a run for her money
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