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Memes scam - 9001927424
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jobs work scam story math Video jo38ma3 - 81440513

Listen to this Hilarious Cautionary Tale of a Craigslist Job Scam

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wrong number troll

Guy Looking for a New Apartment Trolls a Scammer With Pictures of Ducks

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prank scam Video - 79399937

This Is How to End the Call With a Phone Scammer After Wasting 20 Minutes of Their Time

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gifts gift card scam - 79028481

The Next Time Someone Tries to Give You a Gift Card, Casually Send Them This Video

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scam - 78593793

These Nigerian Scams are Getting Ridiculous

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comedian trolling a scammer

Troll Comedian Gets a Scam Call and Decides to Play Along

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This Call May Be Monitored for Nefarious Purposes

Actual Advice Mallard phone call scam - 8606221312
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instagram prank scam money Video - 77410049

Prank Calling An Instagram "Money Flip" Scammer

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ipad scam Video ebay - 75683329

Watch This Guy Discover What a Cruel Place Ebay Can Be

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wtf scam Video - 74463233

If You're Having a Bad Day, Take Comfort in That Some "Cardmember Services" Scammer Isn't Trying to Have Phone Sex With You

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Insurance Scammers Fail Their Deception Roll

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Nothing is Ever Free

fu scam - 8463719680
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Scammers Like These Are the Reason Everyone Has Dash Cams

wtf creepy dash cam footage crazy guy running toward a stopped car and hitting his head against the windshield
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trolltube scam Video - 63591681

This is the Best Way to Deal With Phone Scammers

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Don't Take Photos of Your Criminal Activity

insurance fire cars scam funny - 8185721088
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