Every man or woman worth their salt. Amazing to think such a everyday commodity was once a pricey luxury. So whether your salty over your steak or that SO that dumped you on the way side, know you can rub salt in the wounds and make it hit home with these punny and hilarious salt jokes.

Buttery Delicious Puns

salt butter Popcorn assault - 7432558592
Created by Unknown

That Damn Salt

salt dangerous - 7416285184
Created by Unknown

Guns Don't Kill People. Sodium Does.

salt homophone assault suffix - 7035537408
Created by Sofa-Knee ( Via Sofa Knee )

Just Don't Get it In Your Beer

beer drinking salt Actual Advice Mallard - 6846886144
See all captions Created by Unknown

No Ware to Run, No Ware to Hide

salt knife cliché homophones weapon assault - 6824122880
Created by xyzpdq1


noms Okay pretzels salt spiderpman sweet jesus have mercy - 6626627328
Created by RonBurgandy27

I'm Afraid I Can't Do That, Dave

forever alone Rage Comics salt - 6500985344
Created by HerpLeDerp

Thought It Was Pepper

Memes pepper salt you dont say - 6449287424
Created by Daneybear

Too Effing Salty!

animation gifs salt yikes - 6424539648
Created by kittehofmonorail

Clam Eating Salt Off a Table

critters gifs salt table wtf - 6409128704
Created by _C_A_T_

I Disagree

Memes Sad salt sharks tears - 6326748416
Created by Unknown

Dropping the Science: Mixed With Nocturnal Whale Emissions

Fake Science Memes salt science shark - 6304941056
Via Knowledge for Dummies

When It Rains, It Gores

bath salts Memes salt zombie - 6298056192
Created by Codabah


Mean People salt - 6233520128
Created by anselmbe


hilarious love story pepper salt twilight - 5666476288
Created by unclehey

Hope You're Not Being Battered...Then Fried

assault Lame Pun Coon puns salt - 5643425536
See all captions Created by sheengoddess