Every man or woman worth their salt. Amazing to think such a everyday commodity was once a pricey luxury. So whether your salty over your steak or that SO that dumped you on the way side, know you can rub salt in the wounds and make it hit home with these punny and hilarious salt jokes.

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Chef Starts Ferocious Debate About Flavor After Being Accused of Not Seasoning Food

Oh boy
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Plenty of Salt to Go around for Everyone

Via eguitarguy

QQ, Salty

salt Multiplayer - 8760603648
Created by Unknown

An Ocean Full of Tears

salt - 8577038080
Created by DarkChaos109


hilarious movies pepper salt - 6455213056
Created by Unknown

Deer Love Salt

salt deer funny animals - 8009454592
Created by Unknown


butterflies hilarious salt - 6483896064
Created by Unknown

Really Tasted Like Salt

salt wtf tasty idiots - 8467556608
Created by Unknown

She'd Probably Also Fall for the Shake Weight

Rage Comics salt true story - 4949753600
Created by Le girlfriend

Sodium Overload

rage pretzels salt food eating - 8452467712
Created by rob.hoffman.7

It Wasn't That Difficult

saw salt maze funny - 8397061120
Created by Unknown

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

salt mindwarp gifs lakes - 8307144704
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Cox )

Hide Your Crackers

dogs salt trollface - 8220364288
Created by Unknown

You Will Never Do Anything as Cool as This With Salt

salt art space - 7795762688
Created by Unknown

They Want to Suck Your Salt

salt vampire Star Trek funny - 4012667648
See all captions Created by GrizBe

Clam Enjoys Some Salt

salt gifs critters licking funny - 7590253056
Via College Humor
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