Socially Awkward Penguin: Never Gonna Sell You Out

advertisement rickroll socially awkward penguin Video youtube - 4865371648
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Lame Pun Coon: Get That One From Any Other Guy

disney finding nemo Lame Pun Coon movies pixar rickroll up - 4845313792
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Your Heart's Been Baking

cake dessert IRL lie Memes never gonna give you up rickroll - 4845999104
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lol new Rebecca Black rickroll trix Video - 20104961

Rebecca Black's New Song: "LOL"!

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The Royal Rickroll

flower girl Memes rickroll sunday - 4721662464
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Oregon: The Troll State

Congress IRL rickroll - 4634644736
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Troll News Day

IRL news paper rickroll Songs - 4613456384
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america rickroll Video - 17916417

You Know the Rules of the House

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In-Game Notice

april fools chat notice rickroll - 4612130304
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darth vader never gonna give you up piano rickroll star wars Video - 17419777

Darth Vaider Rickroll

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We're No Strangers To Love

animated gif epic Memes rick astley rickroll - 4514722304
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License to Troll

007 james bond never gonna give you up rick astley rickroll - 4464626176
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Russia's Biggest Trolls

horse magnets Mormon Chat mormons rickroll russia - 4472702976
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Even Rick Astley Is!

homosexuality justin bieber rick astley rickroll youtube - 4426118912
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The Best Laid Trolls...

i own a horse Omegle rickroll troll vs troll - 4391892224
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Technologically Impaired Duck: Rick Astley!

never gonna give you up rick astley rickroll Technologically Impaired Duck - 4337973504
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