I'm Glad Your Parents Never Gave You Up

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By yohicitumadre

Quickly Now!

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Misunderstood Mitch Is Never Gonna Let Him Down

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Net Noob's Favorite Song!

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By Revenge2404

Scumbag YouTube: Never Gonna Give You a Break

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By Bellerughs

Breaking News from the White House!

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By Unknown

Internet Husband Knows the Rules

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Philosoraptor: He's the One Who Started It

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Never Gonna Build You Up, Never Gonna Break You Down

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How People View Me: No Stranger to Love

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What Is the Name of the Song?

best of week lol lyrics rickroll song troll face words - 4925170944
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McCain's Never Gonna Get the Presidency

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The Most Interesting Troll in the World

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Google's Been Rickrolled

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By consumerofrage

Good Guy Greg Actually Enjoys It

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We're All Strangers on Subways...

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