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20+ Redditors Reveal Everything That Is Guaranteed To Infuriate Them

Stop that
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Frustrating Service Industry Tales From Disgruntled Servers

In these trying times, don't forget to tip
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15+ Times Overthinking & Anxiety Saved The Day

Sometimes worrying all the time pays off in the end
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People on Reddit share the dumbest ways they got laid, picked up women, had sex

Incredulous People Share the Dumbest Ways They Managed to Get Laid

Sometimes you get lucky when you least expect it.
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Couple Breaks Up After Guy Refuses to Let GF Attend Wedding in 'Gay Rat' Meme Dress

There are a handful of unspoken rules for proper wedding etiquette that are mostly just common sense. Don't show up too late or too early. Don't bring a plus-one unless you were offered one. Don't be the most wasted guest at the wedding . Don't make an impromptu speech. And perhaps the biggest faux pas of all—don't wear white. This is probably an out-dated rule, as many modern brides and grooms opt out of the traditional wedding-wear these days, but the intent of the rule still stands. No one s…
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Elders Of Cyberspace Reminisce About The Early Internet Days

'I put on my robe and wizard hat'
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Top 10 Reddit Posts & Moments the Internet Should Know About, According to Redditors

We've compiled some of the strangest, funniest, and most memorable Reddit moments of all time, according to redditors .
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Algorithm Assigns Employee Very Little Work, Employee Keeps Mouth Shut for Years

Every employee's dream
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People on Reddit share unspoken rules that are extremely annoying when not followed.

Unspoken Rules That People Should Really Be Following

Much of day-to-day life involves the knowledge (and practice) of unspoken rules. For example, here in New York, you should not be putting a bag on a subway seat - and you should definitely let people get off the subway before you get on. They may seem like universal forms of etiquette , but more people seem to ignore them than we think. Recently, redditor u/HAXposed asked the site's users to share the unspoken rules that, when broken, annoy them the most. And it's sad but validating to see that…
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Gamers Imagine Getting Stuck in a Mashup of the Last Two Games They Played

Red Dead Redemption and Doki Doki Literature Club sounds terrifying
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Gamers Describe Video Games Through Hypothetical 'Florida Man' Headlines

Redditors have managed to combine two beloved internet topics: video games and "Florida Man" headlines
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People Share the Dumb & Weird Things They'll Never Do Again

Never eat a Carolina Reaper pepper
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Woman Excluded From Christmas With In-Laws, Still Expected to Pack Husband's Luggage

The only bags she should pack are her own
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Doomers Ponder The Scariest Theories Known To Man

I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway
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Gamer Admits She Only Plays Call of Duty to Get Laid

The things people will do to get laid
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Reddit Moderator Gets Roasted for Taking Role Way Too Seriously

Do you ever wonder who's behind the 2.8 million subreddits that exist? What are their lives like? Do they live in their parents' basements or do they have families and day jobs? The spouse of a mod recently turned to r/TrueOffMyChest to vent about their husband, who moderates several subreddits and refuses to get a job. OP's husband likened the task to being a homemaker, but according to OP, he doesn't even do any housework. All he does is moderate subreddits. The resulting thread quickly turne
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