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Reddit thread about a crazy toxic evil boss manager fires employee after going through her purse and finding a job application

Toxic Boss Looks Through Employees Purse, Fires Her After Finding Job Application

So many bosses want excessive access to their employees in manners that cross some boundaries. On the first day of my first restaurant job, I asked one of the assistant managers if I could leave at 9 PM since, on the schedule, my shift ended at 9 PM. He laughed at me, said, “it's good you didn't ask that when the manager was around,” and we continued working. At the time, I felt like such an idiot because I had never had a job before, so I assumed all jobs were like that. Now I just realize thi…
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Shady Company Tries to Steal Employee’s Paycheck Back With ‘Payroll Reversal’ After It’s Deposited

The one thing people expect from their employers is to be compensated for their work in a timely manner. Can you imagine what would happen if, after purchasing something in a store, you reached into the cash register to take your money back? Or what if you turned in your rent and then cancelled the check before it could be cashed. Do you think your landlord would let that slide? Of course not. Under no circumstances should a company be able to “reverse payroll” on their employees. This is exact…
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Manager Says Worker Needs Permission to Clock Out, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Since when do shift workers need to wait for permission before leaving once their shift ends? Are you going to pay overtime? No? Okay, bye then! When redditor u/Brooklynisqueerr gave their manager a heads up once their shift had ended, OP was rightfully confused when their manager seemed angry and annoyed. She even made up a new rule on the spot: "Next time you need to wait for a manager to let you go home." Instead of fighting with the boss, OP complied…maliciously.
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Article about reddit post about applicant for job getting denied because they failed a personality test

Company Bans Applicants From Reapplying For 12-Months After Failing "Personality Test"

When I was applying for jobs, I was a bit skeptical of any job that asked me to take a personality test before the interview. I understand wanting to hire somebody with good vibes, but isn't that what multiple rounds of interviews are for? You would think companies might do such a test to understand someone's temperament and working style to ensure they're right for this position. That, unfortunately, is not usually the purpose. Although it's quite a shady practice, many jobs that use “personal…
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People Imagine What the Craziest Concerts Would Be if Band Names Were Literal

Scary mental images
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A stepfather asks reddit whether he should charge his eight year old stepson rent

Cruel Stepfather Demands 8-Year-Old Son Pay Him Rent

There are so many parents out there that make their kids feel guilty for being born. How many times have you heard the line, “I feed you. I bought the clothes off of your back. I do everything for you.” Yikes. Rhetoric like this makes kids feel guilty about needing to be cared for, which is the parent's responsibility. Some parents take this guilt-tripping to the next level, such as Redditor u/Cantlosemyemployment who asked Reddit whether he was the bad guy for wanting his stepson to spend some…
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Power-Tripping Mom Throws Away Pregnant Daughter-In-Law's Special Dinner, Gets Put In Her Place

If you've ever scrolled through subreddits like r/AmITheAsshole, you might have noticed that there are way too many examples of spouses choosing their controlling parents ' needs over their partner's . But once in a while you come across a refreshing instance of someone standing by their significant other, even in the face of an entitled in-law from hell. When u/dadof2throwWay 's mother decided to throw away his pregnant wife's rotisserie chicken (that she'd been craving for days), he wasn't ab…
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Weird Recruiter Requests Tour of Interviewee's Room During Virtual Meeting

Imagine if, in the middle of a job interview, your potential future employer demanded that you open up your bag and reveal its contents? That would feel like a bizarre invasion of privacy, wouldn't it? Well that's basically what a recruiter did to redditor u/nuestl during a virtual job interview—the recruiter asked OP to give her a look around the room so that she could determine whether OP was organized enough for the gig. Keep scrolling for the whole story.
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A Bunch of Controversial Reddit Posts to Do a Double Take At

Say what
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Thread Discusses Timeless Video Games That Should Be Considered Masterpieces

I played Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for the first time on Christmas day in 2001. That morning, after all the presents had been opened, my dad popped our new game (that he got for us) into the PS2 so that he could “test it out.” Five hours later, he finally concluded that the game was in working order and reluctantly handed off the controller to me and my little sister. Up until that point, I had only ever played games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Ape Escape— which are all iconic ga…
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A Reddit thread about a shady job posting for a coffee shop accusing aplicants of being lazy.

Shady Job Posting Preemptively Accuses Applicants Of Laziness

People are becoming much more critical of recruiters' rhetoric during the Great Resignation era. Even as early as the application process, employers will show their slips, and it will be apparent that their business is not an ideal working environment . Red flags during the hiring process should never be brushed off or ignored, and this case is no exception to that rule. Reddit user Iambacon shared a job posting they found on Facebook to r/recruitinghell. There were several things with this pos…
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Entitled Boss Refuses to Let Worker Take Time Off for Honeymoon, Shoots Self in the Foot

Working 40 hours a week for years is nearly impossible without respect and reasonable benefits. Everyone who works deserves a reasonable amount of time off, especially for important life events, like getting married or having a child. When redditor u/WhoSc3w3dDaP00ch requested time off for their honeymoon nearly two months in advance, their deadbeat manager (who was notoriously bad at reading important emails) ignored the request for weeks before finally denying OP's time off. The boss said “re…
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Secret Shoppers & Retail Workers Reveal the Infuriating Truth About Covert Employee Evaluations

If retail work wasn't hellish enough, it turns out that even providing good customer service can get you reprimanded by the bosses . One troubled redditor recently shared their experience working as a mystery shopper to r/antiwork , which spurred a lively thread of many other stories from former mystery shoppers and retail workers. The thread reveals that the mystery shopping strategy is much more about snitching on employees for failing to properly scam customers than it is about ensuring qual…
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37-Year-Old Aspiring Twitch Streamer Calls Fiancé ‘Selfish’ for Refusing to Buy Expensive Gaming Laptop

We should all be supportive of our partners' career choices…within reason. When u/Content_Profession63 's fiancé quit his job to become a professional Twitch streamer, she encouraged him to follow his passion and even agreed to financially support the both of them with her online business. Seven months later, OP's fiancé was doing plenty of gaming, but still hadn't even gotten around to creating a Twitch account. OP's tolerance for BS finally waned when her fiancé asked her for an expensive gam…
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Greedy Landlord Tries To Exploit Tenant for Free Labor, Gets Owned Instead

Slumlords are exploitative by nature, and in this lucky redditor's case, not very smart. After u/nopanicprepper experienced a series of plumbing issues in their home, they notified their absentee landlord , who refused to pay for any repairs. Instead, the landlord “allowed” OP to do the repairs since OP was an engineer. (How generous.) OP maliciously complied, and to the landlord's horror, sent over a hefty invoice for parts and labor. Keep scrolling for the whole story.
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Boss Throws Temper Tantrum After Employee Quits, Royally Screws Himself Over

Firing an employee right after they hand in their two weeks notice is probably the least professional thing a boss can do in that situation, and that's exactly what happened to redditor u/Brilliant-Parking359, whose boss ended up screwing himself over by firing his employee right after they quit. u/Brilliant-Parking359 still had the company truck in their possession, and bossman expected OP to drive three hours to deliver the truck even after he'd told OP to ‘f*** off.’ Needless to say, OP did…
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