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Dude Gets Mad at Girlfriend for Dropping Pasta on His Floor After He Calls Her a Slur as a 'Prank'

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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Shady Customer Tries to Cancel Generous Tip While Date Isn't Looking, Server Humiliates Him

When I was a bartender, customers would often rack up huge tabs over several hours, ordering martinis at the busiest moments and shots for everyone at the bar minutes before closing. The most ostentatious customers were usually the ones who would ditch the bar without closing their tabs, and 90% of the time, those cards would decline. It's a risky scam, but people who work in the service industry know better than most that customers can be shockingly audacious. As much as we wish we could expos…
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Serial Wallet-Forgetter Faces Consequences of Her Own Actions, Throws Tantrum

Everyone forgets their wallet once in a while, and it's nothing to hold a grudge over. But when someone forgets their wallet every time they go out to dinner with friends or relatives, that person obviously doesn't want to pay the bill (ever). One redditor got sick of her serial wallet-forgetter sister-in-law 's antics, so the next time OP's SIL invited her to a fancy restaurant, OP made sure to bring her SIL's ‘forgotten’ wallet to the restaurant for her.
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Straight Dudes List All the Gender-Based Assumptions That Annoy Them

Not all men (no, really)
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Boss Threatens to Fire Worker for Being Sick

I don't know who needs to hear this, but Covid is not over. Sure, we may have adapted as a species, but people are still getting sick, and they're still contagious. One redditor's boss threatened their employee with termination after they called in sick with Covid, claiming that they don't have any “time off or sick time” and would be fired after seven days of absence “as per company policy.” Even if OP was sick with the common flu, this boss would still be forcing their employees to work in a…
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Guy Has An Affair and Then Expects Ex-Wife to Take Care of New Wife's Kids

The entitlement is unreal.
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Boss Prohibits Employees From Adjusting A/C In Unbearably Hot Workplace, Thread Offers Lots of Clever Advice

Lately, workers have been taking to social media to expose certain e-commerce behemoths for providing horribly dangerous working conditions. Some of the more disturbing posts include pictures of room temperature thermometers giving readings in the hundreds. You'd think that other companies would take this current moment as a cue to do better, but unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case. One redditor recently made a post in r/antiwork complaining that their boss wouldn't let anyone touch…
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Employee Promoted Without a Raise, Exploits Loophole To Get Pay Bump Anyway

If you get promoted without a wage increase, is it really a promotion? Or is it just extra work ? Sure, the promotion might come with a better title, but a cool job title doesn't exactly pay tomorrow's bills. When redditor u/InterestedObserver20 was told by their employer that their new promotion didn't come with a pay raise due to budget issues, OP figured out how to use the company's own rules to get a 50% pay bump anyway.
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Karen Reports Neighbor’s Shed to City, so They Build an Even Bigger One

Karens rarely think before they throw a tantrum—often resulting in an epic backfire—and the star Karen of this redditor's story is no exception. For some reason, OP's backyard shed offended their Karen neighbor so much that she snitched on them to the city for supposedly building a shed that was larger than the permitted maximum. Not only did an inspector ensure them that their shed wasn't breaking any rules, they found out through the experience that they could build an even bigger, better she…
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Entitled Aunt Hijacks Her Niece’s Baby Shower to Announce Daughter’s Pregnancy

When it comes to someone's special day, whether it be a birthday, wedding, or baby shower, there's one pretty important unspoken rule that most people understand: don't steal the thunder. For some entitled a-holes out there, the mere thought of not being the center of attention for one second is just too much to bear. After years of struggling with infertility and multiple miscarriages, redditor u/rainbowbaby2022 and her husband were delighted to finally be having a baby and planned to celebrat…
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Entitled Parent Demands 'Consequences' for Child Who Shared Birthday Cake With Her Son

There are a million ways someone can accidentally mess up their kid , and no one in their right mind is under the impression that parenting is easy in any way, but some things are just common sense. Making sure your kid has a healthy diet and is knowledgable about nutrition is good. Being a weird dictator about food and prohibiting your kid from enjoying a slice of cake on a special occasion? Not so good. When one redditor asked r/AmItheAsshole whether she was in the wrong for demanding “conseq…
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Redditors Share the Crucial Things That They Will Never Change Their Minds On

Make or break
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Jealous Manager's Public Shaming of Employee's 'Revealing Outfit' Totally Backfires

There's nothing worse than a boss who has it out for you for weird personal reasons. In a satisfying tale of malicious compliance, redditor u/Vanna-Black explains how she became the object of her manager's jealousy, and how she was able to escape.
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Fascinating Thread Outlines The Golden Ages We Are Currently Living Through

Food for thought
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Awful Boss Tricks Employee Into Thinking They're Getting Free Dinner, Takes Entire Bill Out of Paycheck

Worst boss ever.
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Guy Gets Shamed By Girlfriend's Parents for Not Being a 'Real Man,' So He Quits Doing Chores

Even in 2022, some people still have pretty medieval views on gender roles, like one redditor's girlfriend and her parents who believe that every man should be able to fix things around the house. Do they also believe their daughter should quit her good job and do all the housework and cooking? I don't really want to know the answer to that. When u/housework1998 vented to r/amitheasshole about his situation, redditors were overwhelmingly on OP's side.
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