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Worker Exposes Shady Boss Who Cheated Employees Out of Secret Benefit for Years

If you haven't noticed, there's an epidemic of horrible bosses scamming their employees out of benefits, wages, and precious time. It's almost as if the managerial class as a whole is incentivized to rip off the working class as much as possible. How else is your boss supposed to become filthy rich? That money has to come from somewhere. Redditor u/ClubWag recently shared their infuriating tale of working for a lying, gaslighting boss who broke promises and cheated employees out of official pol…
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Workers Share Times Their Stingy Bosses Made Them Pay for Food at Work-Related Social Engagements

What kind of company forces their employees to pay for food at a work event? Bosses already rip off workers with low wages and long hours. Making them pay $5 for a hamburger at the work cookout is just adding insult to injury.
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Boss Arbitrarily Chides Employee for Wearing Shorts to Work, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Nobody likes a boss who arbitrarily makes up reasons to berate their employees just because they're having a bad day and feel like taking it out on someone. When redditor u/bear-mc showed up to work wearing totally normal khaki shorts due to the hot weather, their boss used it as an opportunity to reprimand them. The boss demanded that OP “follow the dress code to the book," and OP complied…maliciously.
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Creepy Family Freaks Out When Daughter-In-Law’s First Born Isn’t a Boy, Goes Full ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ at the Shower

Every family has its quirks, but this redditor's story about how her in-laws reacted to the sex of her unborn child is beyond unsettling. The family nearly had a collective mental breakdown after they failed to will a baby boy into existence through various “rituals,” the ultimate goal possibly being to superimpose their dead grandfather's identity onto the kid. Yikes. Sounds like something out of Rosemary's Baby or Hereditary. Jokes aside, OP's family likely just needs some serious grief couns…
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Guy Gets Egged by Teenagers on the Way to Work, Boss Says ‘You Should’ve Been Prepared’

Imagine getting egged on your way to work by a bunch of teenagers and then your boss scolds you for not having been prepared for such a highly unlikely and random incident. That's exactly what happened to redditor u/Master_Contendr. Not only did they have to sit through work covered in raw egg, but they got chewed out for it too. It's bad enough when your car breaks down or you miss the bus and your boss is like, “you should have left home earlier.” So you expect me to leave earlier than I have…
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Boss Ignores Subcontractor's Advice for Improving Efficiency, Ends Up Paying Workers $900 Per Hour for Years

Having a stupid boss usually means your work life is going to be much harder than it should be. But in one redditors case, having an incompetent boss really paid off. $900 per hour to be exact.
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Mischievous Friend Group Gets Drunk, Accidentally Makes City’s Crow Population Hate Cops

A formidable enemy
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Boss Accidentally Admits to Grand Theft Paycheck In Email to Former Employee Requesting Owed Wages

It's insulting enough to get paid the bare minimum for a job that demands most of your time. But a company that literally steals wages from their employees ? That's just vile. When redditor u/overworked-american asked for owed wages from their former employer , they were shocked when the head of the company not only rejected their request, but justified the denial by essentially explaining that it wouldn't be fair to all the other employees the company had ripped off in the past.
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Abusive Boss Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine When Employee Quits Without Notice

Horrible bosses are the absolute worst, but many disgruntled employees aren't necessarily in a position to quit their jobs , leaving them stuck in an indefinite 9-5 nightmare. However, when the opportunity to quit does arise, it can feel like the best day of one's life. In a r/MaliciousCompliance post, redditor u/Public_Pressure_4516 explains how their cruel boss seemed to get off on constantly reminding employees that they could get fired at any moment, without notice. When OP finally got the…
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Gamer Couple Breaks Up Over Dramatic Session of 'Among Us'

The imposter was ejected from the relationship
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Grown Man Acts Like Helpless Child So Brother-In-Law Serves Dinner With Toy Kitchen Set for Toddlers

What do you do when you witness your a-hole in-law treating your sibling like crap? Do you keep your head down and stay out of their business, or do you intervene? One redditor decided on the latter after witnessing his exhausted sister get crap from her husband for not serving him dinner even though she'd cooked everything. Angry on his sister's behalf, OP taught his brother-in-law a lesson—a petty move that might have done more harm than good, but satisfying nonetheless.
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Americans Describe the States They Live In Without Revealing Names in Funny Thread

America is a big, beautiful mess. Each state has its own unique identity, some so distinct that many Americans can easily recognize a state based on a few key characteristics. Redditor u/Thomas_The_Llama recently prompted the people of r/AskReddit to describe their states without revealing any names, and the resulting thread is very entertaining (unless, of course, you're not American , in which case you might be a little confused).
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Workers Share Times Their Employers Tried to Scam Them Out of Benefits

Signing bonuses. Health insurance. Paid time-off. A good job isn't just about the salary, and often benefits are the main draw of a job for prospective employees . That's why it's totally devastating when shady employers use loopholes to scam their workers out of hard-earned bonuses, holidays, and other promised benefits. Redditor u/FlabertoDimmadome was so indignant on behalf of their brother that they turned to r/antiwork to vent about how an Amazon warehouse was trying to cheat their brother…
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Redditor Shuts Down Former Workplace Trying To Keep Them As Emergency Contact

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Scary Science Facts That the Public Doesn't Think About

Not-so-fun facts
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Satisfying Thread Reminisces On Times That Annoying Customers Played Themselves

Serves them right
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