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People Share Funny Ways to Harmlessly Mess With People

Everyone loves a good prank.
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'I just feel like an afterthought' Guy Gets Invited to His Twin Brother’s Surprise Birthday Party

The funny thing about twins is that they share the same birthday. It's kind of a defining characteristic of being a twin. If you know one twin's birthday, it's nearly impossible to forget the other's. Which is exactly why u/_somethingorrather was extremely confused when he got invited to attend his twin brother's surprise birthday party. On top of that, they both share the same friend group, which makes it way weirder. OP wasn't the only confused one—close friends of the twins were baffled as t…
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Comically Perplexing Things People Accused of Being 'Gay'

Fellas, is it gay to love your wife?
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People Share The Moments They Realized They Were Dating A Fool

There are a lot of things you have to gauge about a person on a date when you're meeting them for the first time. First of all, are they a murderer? This is a surprisingly difficult question from vibes alone, so in the meantime, you can move on to other important questions. “Am I attracted to them?” “Do we have anything in common?” “Does speaking to them make me want to gauge my eyes out with a metal spoon?” These are classic first-date reflection questions we all have asked ourselves at some p…
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Company Promises Permanent Work-From-Home Option Then Threatens to Fire Anyone Who Won't Return to Office

*Surprised Pikachu face*
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CEO Asks Employees To Donate Their PTO To Loyal 17-Year Employee

Why can't he...nevermind
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Redditors Discuss The Qualities of People Who Peaked in High School

I have the type of anxiety that makes me worried that I peaked in high school , even though I know I had a horrible time. My high school years had some positive moments, but my life got exponentially better once I graduated and moved far away from anyone I knew. There are some moments from high school I still think about, like my Senior prom , which was almost Carrie -esque in how traumatic it was, but that's a story for another day. Five years out from high school, I'm sitting pretty, knowing…
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Male Karen Refuses Help From Female Tech Support, Malicious Compliance Ensues

He got exactly what he asked for
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Vegetarians Freak Out Over Stir-Fried Pork & Tofu Dish at Potluck

'Tofu for me is just an ingredient'
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A story on Reddit about a nurse who maliciously complies when she's forced to work sick

Hospital Forces Nurse To Work While Sick With Food Poisoning, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Perfect attendance awards in school are a very tricky beast. There were definitely years in school where I never missed a day, and I was encouraged by my family and teachers to be proud of that. However, I didn't have perfect attendance in 2nd grade because I was particularly special or gifted. I only had perfect attendance because I was lucky. I didn't get sick, and no external factors kept me from school for those days. I accomplished nothing substantial, and yet I got praised for it. Concept…
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Company Drags Mid-Level Applicant Through Arduous Seven-Part Interview Process

What's their damage?
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Worker Gets Fired for Not Being Able to Attend ‘Cleaning Party’ on 2 Hours’ Notice

At least they dodged a bullet
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Employee’s Blunt Answers to HR Survey Hits Home for Many Workers

Breaking news: employees want more money
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Reddit thread about a crazy recruiter harassing an applicant for requesting interview at "noon"

Ridiculous Recruiter Harasses Applicant For Requesting Interview at 'Noon'

It's very easy to tell when a job recruiter is scamming you. Typically, they'll use extremely unprofessional language right off the bat. Either that or they will be extremely unspecific about anything. No great job has come from a recruiter messaging you on LinkedIn “Hello. When can you interview.”
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The Dumbest Lies People Believed When They Were Kids

Kids believe the dumbest things
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Guy Snaps at Recently Divorced Sister for ‘Sexualizing Every Interaction’

'The things she has been saying have floored me.'
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