Rap comes from your soul, and so does rhyming and clever wordplay. If you got the lyrics to spit and the beat to hit every single word, you will go far, and appreciate these hilarious rap puns.

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Pusha T Made a Diss Track About McDonald’s for Arby’s and the Internet Is Lovin’ It

Pusha T went all in on a Fillet-O-Fish sandwich diss track and it's pretty hilarious. The rapper teamed up with Arby's to help promote their new crispy fish sandwich and brutally roast McDonald's , another fast food joint that Pusha T has history (and beef) with. Keep scrolling for the whole saga.
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Lil Nas X Flexes His Comedy Skills in Video Satirizing Nike 'Satan Shoes' Controversy

The young rapper wins the internet again
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Tom MacDonald Breaks Internet With Anti-Woke Anthem 'Snowflakes'

'The forecast said that there be snowflakes, whoa'
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Would Buy

Funny meme about gangster rap album cover, birds, geese, ducks, pigeons
Via u/thebelsnickle1991
Know Your Meme 101 explains how rapper and hip hop artist DaBaby became a meme

Meme Experts Explain How DaBaby Became A Meme Star

DaBaby AKA Jonathan Lyndale Kirk used to be best known for his work as a rap artist. Nowadays, it's safe to say he's best know for something else. And none of our timelines have been safe. So, what's the story behind DaBaby transforming from a rap star into a meme star? Without further ado, let's gooo.
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Funny video showing Star Wars clips with Cardi B making noises over them

Cardi B's Signature Weird Noises Fit In Perfectly With Star Wars Clips

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Sneaky Sneaky

Funny meme about rappers and hackers, dank memes, stupid memes, interludes | rappers recording their close friends and family's phone calls to use for an interlude person in ski mask using a computer
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It's Not a F*cking Game

Funny meme that reads, "Ernie informs Bert who's gonna give it to him" above a photo of Ernie holding up a picture of the letter X
Via zangmangg
Funny dank memes about Kid Cudi's humming | cudi starts humming Bobby Hill astral projecting | kid cudi humming Kermit the Frog tucking a teddy bear to sleep

Kid Cudi's Humming Is Majorly Therapeutic For Depressed Millennials

People REALLY love his humming.
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It's A Mystery

Funny meme that reads, "Me at 10 years of age trying to figure out why the fridge goes dark after I close it" above photos of 50 Cent opening a cabinet and closing it
Via LeoSenior

Pretty Much

Funny meme that reads, "My playlists when I leave them on shuffle" above a photoshopped image of Tupac shaking hands with a classical composer
Via 13hozz

Cousin's Bucatini

Funny meme that reads, "Dad's ravioli? Nah. Grandma's gnocchi? Nope. Come on Marshall, think..." above a still of Eminem writing something at a desk wearing glasses
Via YaBoyMuadDib
Funny video of a white comedian doing a freestyle rap about completely random subjects

White Comedian Totally Nails Freestyle Rap

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Funny memes and tweets about Post Malone's "I love grapes" comment at the American Music Awards

Reaction Memes Inspired By Post Malone's 'I Love Grapes' Comment At The AMAs

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Twitter reactions about TI taking his 18-year-old daughter to the gynecologist to get her hymen inspected

TI Gets Reprimanded For Checking On His Adult Daughter's Virginity

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Probably My Mom

Funny meme that reads, "When you post a good meme and some idiot gets all serious in the comments" above pics of Eminem rolling his eyes while driving a car
Via LeoSenior
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