Rap comes from your soul, and so does rhyming and clever wordplay. If you got the lyrics to spit and the beat to hit every single word, you will go far, and appreciate these hilarious rap puns.

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'Rolf Looking Out A Window' Is Twitter's New Favorite Meme

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Memers Can't Stop Roasting Kanye's Video For 'I Love It'

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Funny memes about soundcloud rappers.

16 Soundcloud Memes That'll Make You Laugh 'Til You Have Teardrop Tattoos

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Bert Was In For A Surprise

Ernie showing Bert a framed picture of the letter X under the caption, "Ernie informs Bert who's gonna give it to him"
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These Memes Point Out How Ridiculous Rap Lyrics Can Be

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Comedian's Prank Call On Hip-Hop Mogul Hilariously Backfires

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Gangster Gangster At The Top Of The List

Funny meme about white people doing acoustic covers of rap songs.
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Pic of Tupac yelling at some people at a party under the caption, "Y'all better put some coasters under them cups"
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Did She Get Out The Way?

Meme of Kermit the Frog with the caption, "To this day I still wonder of that bitch moved out of Ludacris' way"
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Funny meme about rap and punk and not calling the police
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Memes about XXXtentacion.

XXXTentacion's Murder Met With Controversy, Conspiracy Theories & Very Dark Memes

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'Young Thug And Lil Durk Troubleshooting' Is Getting The Most Epic Meme Treatment

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Funny meme about people who don't know that snoop dogg is a rapper., twitter.
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I Apologize A Trillion Times

Comic of a pun using Ms. Jackson by Outkast
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He's Kind Of A Big Deal Now

"Soundcloud rapper gets 43 plays on new song, next day at school: ' Wow look at all you no-talent lames'"
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Funny memes about Pusha T and Drake, drake baby, drake has a baby, sophie brussaux, pusha t dis track.

Drake's Baby Mama Drama Is Bringin' The Savage Memes

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