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People Discuss Long Standing Covid-19 Effects That Have Yet to Recover

Do you guys remember that one thing that happened a few years back that fundamentally changed societies across the entire globe? Yeah, the first year of Covid-19 was pretty crazy. We're lucky that the passage of time has made the Coronavirus much less of the dominant, oppositional presence in our lives, but don't forget it still exists. As an individual who survived as a restaurant server, the initial quarantine and closure of indoor dining hit me extremely hard financially. Add that on top of…
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'It Was The Apocalypse, And I Was A Legend...'

funny memes, memes, quarantine
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Funny memes and tweets comparing March 2020 to March 2021, dank memes, relatable memes, depressing memes, lol, Daniel Radcliffe with guns, Harry Potter, Kate Winslet in Titanic, Zoom calls, quarantine

'March 2020 vs March 2021' Memes Sum Up A Painful Year Of Pandemic

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Stealthy AF

Funny relatable meme about being the fastest person to turn off your mic and camera during a Zoom call, working from home, video call
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Fresh and Funny tweets, relatable tweets, twitter memes, relatable, bernie sanders mittens, inauguration, joe biden | Troy Johnson O @_troyjohnson Just couple more weeks until mom sends text asking if l've seen these funny photos Bernie Sanders.

Fresh & Funny Musings From The Wordsmiths Of Twitter

They make it look easy.
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Funny tweets, self-deprecating tweets, twitter memes, quarantine | Pinky's Brains @mack44_d human brain is an amazing machine functions 24/7 moment born until moment buy smart phone | Randall Otis @RandallOtisTV started s going gonna write novel during have forgotten quarantine read

30 Funny Tweets Filled With Humor And Truth

Short and sweet.
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ask reddit, funny, 2020, quarantine, pandemic, funny comments, clever, witty reply, covid-19, alcohol, funny threads, reddit thread | r/AskReddit u/ggfchl go up bartender and tell him Make 2020 drink does he make? snowballer918 6h 14 Awards Pours everything 's spilled on bar mat into shot glass.

People Imagine What 2020 Would Look Like As A Cocktail

No one in their right mind would order these cursed drinks
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Twitter thread and reddit thread about guy who falls for his friend with benefit while in quarantine. | Being quarantined with my (21m) FWB (20f) has changed things between us immensely think realized love her, but almost feel telling her after so long would be unfair. Relationships | Matt Nedostup O @nedostup Replying redditships Has this fuckboy finally become fuckman? 9:28 AM 5/5/20 Twitter iPhone

Dude Falls For 'FWB' In Quarantine & Wholesomely Asks Reddit For Advice

Friends with benefits situations rarely go as planned.
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cosmos, dinosaurs, moon, existentialism, quarantine, 2020 memes, memes, funny memes, twitter memes, funny tweets, random memes, relatable memes, anxiety memes, dank memes, lol | History channel during day pyramids are tombs pharaohs History channel at night pyramids are alien warships | gamay papi @justbrad Nature is returning seagull wearing trainers

Cosmic Memes & 2020 Things For People Who Like To Reflect

Funny & slightly existential vibes
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parenting memes, funny memes, kids, toddlers, funny tweets, twitter, quarantine, parenting | as parent trying hide my snacks unemployed lazy people my house. eating ice cream sandwich hidden behind lettuce | TwinzerDad @TwinzerDad Toddler: Daddy want toast ok, buddy. Here's some toast. Toddler don't like butter on my toast flips toast over dry side and hands back There ya go. Toddler: Thanks Daddy! Toddlers are dumb. Take advantage while can.

34 Parenting Tweets & Memes For Exhausted Moms And Dads

Parents share the woes of raising little maniacs
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Funny memes about how horrible 2020 has so far | My boss lockdown is over can all come back office tomorrow Off-ice exorbitantmemes (confused unga bunga) caveman | COULD STOP TRYING KILL US 2020 FIVE MINUTES Shrek and Donkey

Thirty-Nine Disaster-Laden 2020 Memes Because We're All OVER IT

Can this be over already PLEASE.
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Funny meme about how both extroverts and introverts hate the quarantine, coronavirus, pandemic, anime meme | Naruto handshake Introverts who hate being around their family all the time Extroverts who want to go out
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Funny Quarantine Barbies, self-deprecating, lockdown, dolls, instagram, eating, drinking, coping, gardening, baking bread | PIZZA GAP Barbie QUARANTINE WILL EVER WEAR JEANS AGAIN? EDITION EXTRA PAIR STRETCHY PANTS Includes: JEANS GAP(NEXT SIZE UP) PIZZA &RANCH DRESSING ICE CREAM MOTHER'S COOKIES BREYERS *BRA NOT INCLUDED | wine lot EVANGELIE EVANGELIE et EVANGELIE Babie Quarantine Wine Lot Edition Includes: Wine Wine Wine Cheese wine BARBIE COLLECTOR GOLD LABEL KIN

'Quarantine Barbies' Put A Sadly Relatable Spin On The Classic Dolls

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Funny random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, funny tweets, black mirror, lockdown, quarantine | Anonymous Stan Account @ThatgyalKrys Black Mirror really outdid themselves this time. Having us EXPERIENCE season 6 instead watching on Netflix? Remarkable really 12:45 PM 6/1/20 Twitter Android | With no one allowed water, sharks now have do curbside pickup. cakes

Memes & Tweets For People With Nothing Better To Do

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It's Hard Out There For A Thief

Funny photo of an unemployment benefits application being filled out by a burglar, where they say the reason for it is that "Everyone is home"
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Funny random memes | quarantine ends Divorce lawyers Barbers swimming in money | Arthur turning on the light switch Why y'all clapping at 3AM?

Funny Memes For The Terminally Bored

We see you.
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