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funny meme about presidents and wii sports | george w. bush: wii sports 2006, wii play 2006, wii fit 2007, wii music 2008. barack obama: wii sports resort (2009), wii fit plus (2009), wii party (2010), wii play motion (2011), wii party u (2013). donald trump: there have been zero wii series games during the presidency of donald trump. wwiii.
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Funny tweets about shirtless abe lincoln statues.

Thirst Trap Abe Lincoln Statue Is Driving Twitter Absolutely Wild

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They Grow Up In The Blink Of An Eye

Funny meme comparing Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to the characters of Fairly Oddparents.
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This Is Why You Shouldn't Gamble

MEme that likens the presidencies to rolling dice poorly, from Bill Clinton, to George W. Bush, to Obama, to Trump.
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Who Needs Mental Health Care?

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Wisdom From Teddy

quotes Theodore Roosevelt presidents teddy roosevelt - 8307136256
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presidents abraham lincoln Video - 70296065

20 Facts You Didn't Know About Abraham Lincoln

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Bernie Madoff Totally Looks Like George Washington

george washington money presidents - 4796299520
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People, This Needs to Change


Shove it North Korea... and Sony While We're at It

usa presidents North Korea george washington - 8406962176
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George Washington Was a BAMF

BAMF books george washington presidents - 8355723008

This Just In: George H.W. Bush is a Time Lord

presidents jfk - 8316851200

Where Can I Get One of These?

george washington t shirts presidents - 8205948416

Four Score and Seven Beers Ago...

presidents abraham lincoln party hard - 8188249856

Meeting Ronald Reagan Back in the '80s? Better Act Natural!

presidents Ronald Reagan - 8100999936
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He Was the Hero the 13 Colonies Needed

presidents george washington dollars batman money - 8085199360
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