Both Are True

Tweet that reads, "Get pregnant, you'll find out who your real friends are. I promise you that." Someone replies that they don't have to do all that to find out who their real friends are
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Fire Your Ad Team

Funny meme about pregnancy test advertisement, woman looks like she is pregnant, why would she need a pregnancy test to tell her that?
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Yes, Definitely The Vaccines

Funny meme in the starter pack format, about anti-vaxxers.
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Collection of MArio and Luigi fan art depicting the zodiac signs as pregnant luigi.

The 12 Zodiac Signs As Pregnant Luigi

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wtf pregnant Video - 83191297

Youtuber Highlights a Very Real Danger Associated With Pregnancy: Misspellings

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You Just Carry Around a Pin for That Reason?

web comics pregnant saying You Just Carry Around a Pin for That Reason?
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Only a Couple More Miles and That Things Is Ready to Hatch

pokemon go pregnant - 8972006144
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The First Sign of Pregnancy

web comics pregnant dad jokes The First Sign of Pregnancy
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The Bellyscope

failbook facebook pregnant - 8967782912
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Too Young

parenting pregnant - 8817255680
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It Has Been Kickin' All Day

baby burrito pregnant - 8822941696
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Twitter Is a Heartless Place

twitter relationships pregnant dating - 8812241408
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woman trolls another woman

Woman Trolls Some Sorry Stranger After a Text Claims "Your Boyfriend Made Me Pregnant"

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The Poor Kid Must've Sh*t His Pants

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Omegle baby prank pregnant Video - 78110977

This Woman is Definitely Carrying a Demon

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You Can Expect It to Arrive Around Two in the Morning

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