Funny meme about a prank - burying a dollar store skeleton under your deck to scare the next person who lives there and rebuilds their deck.
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You Know You Want To

Funny meme about leaving work for lunch and then never coming back.
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The Scariest April Fools Day Prank of 2017 Goes to...

april fools day prank fake notification
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Pranksters Share the Hilariously Devious Ways That They Subtly Mess With People's Minds

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Prank of the Day: Someone Changed the Hollywood Sign to Read Hollyweed, Knows How to Start a Year

someone changed hollywood sign to read hollyweed
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FAIL brother car prank sister - 1290501

Brother Obliterates Sister's Christmas Dreams with Genius, Coldhearted Prank

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star wars prank Video - 84306433

Surprised People Get to Fight Kylo Ren in a Parking Garage When This Prank Brings Star Wars Into the Real World

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poop oh god why jackass prank Video - 84280321

You'll Never Be as Stupid or Strong as This Man That Ate Taco Bell, Laxatives and then Super Glued His Butthole For a Prank

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water bottle parenting prank Video - 84167681

This Holiday Season, This is the Perfect Magic Trick to Show Off to That One Family Member

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So That's What Kids These Days Are Saying to Each Other!

emoji Memes prank - 8995164928
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Is This Too Much to Ask?

christmas prank space - 8995162624
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So, like, 11pm?

christmas shopping prank - 8993659136
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color blind prank optical illusion Video - 83620097

Watch This If You Want to Know What It's Like to Be Color Blind

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prank Video - 83619329

Billy Asks a Very Progressive Question to People on the Street With Jon Hamm

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The Internet Has Gotten Way More Advanced

4chan prank image - 8989268736
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green screen prank sun image - 8987770880
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