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This Guy's Level of Dedication to Savings Is Incredible

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hoverboard halloween skeleton prank Video - 83338753

A Hoverboard Skeleton Is the Perfect Way to Prank People on Halloween From a Distance

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kids halloween parenting prank Video - 75506177

Parents Pranking Their Own Kids on Halloween is a Classic

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halloween prank burger king Video - 83295489

Burger King Came up With a Super Spooky Halloween Costume

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halloween magic Video prank - 83276289

Nothing's More Classic for Halloween Than a Spooky Ghost Prank

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friends strength prank Video - 83256833

Seems Like This Prank Tested Intelligence, Not Physical Strength

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They Should Be Proud She's So Good at Handstands

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I agree with Dylan.

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Dating Tip: Don't Wear a Wedding Dress on Your First Date Unless You Want People to Literally Run Away From You

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Watch This Frightening Twist on the "Killer Clown" Craze

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Next Time You Need a Good Revenge Prank Idea, Try This 'Lost Dog Reward' Poster

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Apple Pay Prank

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Bumper Sticker Pranks on My Super Liberal Girlfriend

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This is What You Get for Trying to Be Helpful

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Just a Terrifying Clown Offering Free Hugs in the Middle of the Night, Totally Normal

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