Prank of the Day: A Wax Figure of the Pope Tricked New York, Led to an Investigation

Madame Tassaud drove a wax statue of Pope Francis around and tricked New York.
Via 6ABC

Have a Seat, He's About to Spill the Wine

funny memes first of all

Tribute of the Day: New York Pizza Men Put Pope on Pizza

New York Pizza Men Puts the Pope on one of their pizzas.
Via ABC 7 NY

Ken M, the Troll That Will Live in Our Hearts Forever

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The Pope Totally Looks Like Piccolo from "Dragon Ball Z"

cartoons Dragon Ball Z lizard pope religious - 5209633536
By chelseafletcher86

Meet the Dark Side

star wars pope funny Emperor Palpatine - 8147455232
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Better Safe Than Sorry

sign caution pope funny - 8074044416
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Sometimes the Pope Just Has to Go

beer pope pee funny - 7863718656
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Our Team of Brave Adventurers

wtf pope funny seems legit - 7856685312
By Magic8Ball

This is a Glorious Idea

pope Grand Theft Auto - 7846110208
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Move Along, My Child

star wars pope funny - 7792950528
By PrincessWordplay

Why Is it on Fire?

pope no no tubes weirdest - 5159136256
By Daz_Voz

The Pope Picks The Gold

FAIL gifs gross pope funny - 7736734720
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Pope Francis Totally Looks Like George Bluth Sr.

pope totally looks like arrested development funny - 7720046848
By nahuelarg86

A Holy Five

bro pope high five funny - 7518812160
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Your Question Just Got Benedicted

pope - 7318979584
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