Oprah Winfrey pope facebook - 7079840768
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My Vote is for Poprah

pope oprah - 7065656832
By CriticalSmite

Buck Up, Ya Whippersnapper

Queen Elizabeth II pope retirement - 7067213056
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He's Clearly More Qualified Than the Last Guy

religion pope - 7063197440
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A Replacement Has Been Found

shopped pixels pope sloth - 7064509440
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Put on Your Papal Vestments and Dance With Me

pope graffiti david bowie - 7062544896
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God Is Not Pleased

god pope - 7057850368
By shimmyfab

What Pope Benedict is Up to Now

gifs pope Big Lebowski the dude - 7060574208
By anthropocene

You're On Your Own, Sinners

pope retirement quitting - 7057556480
By rencol

The 85-Year-Old Virgin

pope retirement dating - 7059232256
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You Get to Keep the Hat

pope interview - 7056145664
By ThunderCougerFalconBird

The Pope is Gone

gone pope - 7055408128
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Accualy is Cardnl

news pope Pope Benedict XVI resignation - 7055406848
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Scumbag Pope

scumbag hat pope - 7055482112
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star wars pope vader force dark side - 6944649216
By Dion

World of... Popes?

gaming pope - 6900355840
By Lugesun_Bismarck