Impressive Trick

Funny meme that reads, "You've heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for" above a photo of Pope Francis on a rope
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31 Christian Memes For Anyone Walkin' With The Lord

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30 Humorous Memes Of The Random Sort

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history memes, iron giant slav squatting in adidas tracksuit

41 Assorted History Memes That'll Make You Feel A Tad Smarter

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Funny photoshop memes of Pope Francis signing a Lamborghini

Pope Francis Got The Photoshop Meme Treatment After Signing A Lamborghini

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Funny meme of the Pope meeting with Donald Trump (pope looks unhappy) and the caption is about school, when the teacher thanks you for your presentation but the person who did the least work says "thanks" the loudest.
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Do I Have To?

Funny meme with photo of Pope Francis and Donald Trump. Pope Francis is not smiling, Donald Trump is. the caption relates the photo to when your mom tells you to take a photo with your brother.
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Pope drinking beer outside on a patio, it's friday and going to do some hoodrat things.
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Sassy Pope

Pope is waving his headpiece in the air and looks sassy.
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Even the Pope has "off" days...

pope - 8463622144
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pope - 8464425472
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Save a prayer for the morning after

pope - 8794936064
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Pope Francis' Magic Tricks

mindwarp gifs pope magic - 8571728128
Created by anselmbe

Frank's Gotta Connect With the Youth

pope - 8571233280
Created by Squid_man
the daily show pope - 642053

Debut of the Day: Trevor Noah Hosts His First Daily Show

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