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The Way You Make Me Feel

Funny YouTube comment that reads, "I sexually identify as Michael Jackson. My pronouns are he/hee"
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The Party Is Clearly Over

Funny dank meme that reads, "Doctor: the online tests you've taken are not enough to diagnose you with depression; 14-year-old Billie Eilish fans: ..." above a still of a kid wearing eyeliner saying, "That's impossible..."
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I Work OUT

Funny tweet that reads, "One of the funniest things in the universe is LMFAO making an album called 'Party Rock,' followed by an album called 'Sorry for Party Rocking,' followed by them vanishing off of the face of the earth"
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Funny dank memes that roast Billie Eilish's "sad" music

Nineteen Memes That Roast Billie Eilish's 'Sad' Music

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Funny music video of a Slipknot/Spice Girls mashup

Spice Girls/Slipknot Mashup Is Unexpectedly Perfect

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Images of different female music artists being photoshopped out of their own album covers by an Iranian music streaming service

An Iranian Streaming Service Photoshopped Female Artists Out Of Their Own Album Covers

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Funny dank meme entitled 'Woman Flashing Post Malone'

'Woman Flashing Post Malone' Is The Raunchy Meme We Needed

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Funny dank Eminem meme entitled "Something's Wrong, I Can Feel It"

Dank Eminem Memes For When Something's Off (17 Memes)

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It All Makes Sense Now

Funny meme about how Taylor Swift is actually Napoleon Dynamite in drag
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Funny memes about The Beatles

Beatles Memes We Can All Come Together Over (16 Memes)

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Funny video of Britney Spears laughing on stage after a fan yells at her on stage

Britney Spears Cracks Up During Live Performance

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Remarkable Isn't It

Funny tweet that reads, "I love how music can take you to another place. For example Meghan Trainor is playing in this cafe so now I'm going to a different cafe"
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Funny music video of 'Old Town Road' remade into an '80s pop song

This '80s Version Of 'Old Town Road' Is Surprisingly Really Good

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Funny memes and tweets about the 'Area 51 playlist'

Memers Are Creating An 'Area 51' Playlist For When The Big Day Comes

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I Never Wanna Hear You Say

Funny meme about Ron Swanson being terrified of The Backstreet Boys
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Funny music memes

40 Silly Sh*tposts For The Music Lovers

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