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20+ Emo Music Memes for Nostalgic Scene Kids and Emo Appreciators

Now, I was never a committed emo kid back in the good old days. I was a little bit too young to fully adopt the lifestyle, plus my mom would have never let it fly. I was more in the music appreciator sphere. I was very much into all the quintessential bands, My Chemical Romance specifically. While that might sound a little trite, it is, I was and still continue to be a super fan. So what did it mean to be emo back in the mid-aughts? Did you have to adopt the aesthetic? Did you have to attend Wa…
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Cops on Slides, The Planet of the Bass, and Mourning for Tater Tot

Also, Lizzo plunges into the cancellation meme cycle.
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Music Memes for Music Machines

There’s a lot to laugh about when it comes to music. Whether you’re a band nerd, hobbyist, producer, metalhead, or whatever else , it doesn’t matter. If you know anything about music, you can find some humor in making fun of it. Now, I'm no expert on music. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to become familiar with the basics. I grew up playing alto sax and I’ve played bass for a few bands. Casual stuff. If there’s anything I’ve learned, band kids are ostracized for a reason, and people who…
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A compilation of memes about music, musical instruments, and music notation

Music Memes For People Who Play Musical Instruments

Everyone likes music, right? I am known to roll my eyes at people who list “music” as one of their interests. All I can think when someone says music is their favorite thing is, “yeah bro, everyone likes music.” However, some people like music a lot more than others. I'm talking about the CD-heads working their way through 1001 Albums You Must Listen To Before You Die . I'm referring to the people who were not only first chair in their high school band but also the first chair in their college…
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frank ocean coachella-2023 coachella funny memes coachella-weekend-2 music festival Memes pop music blink 182 - 20230149

20 Funny Coachella Memes for Weekend 2

In a perfect Coachella world, Frank Ocean fans and Blink-182 fans are one and the same.
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Fabulous Britney Spears Memes for Top 40 Lovers Who Know She'll Always Be the Princess of Pop

It's Britney, bish
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taylor swift Music twitter pete davidson Memes swifties reactions pop music breakup - 20063749

Fans React to Reports of Taylor Swift's Breakup With Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have reportedly ended their long-time relationship. It goes without saying, but Swifties aren’t taking this well. Fans have been in a state of emergency; speculating, mourning, theorizing, and just losing their minds in general. Now, the high-profile split isn’t official yet. A source close to the couple claims that an amicable, no-drama breakup between the two took place a few weeks ago. Neither Swift nor Alwyn have confirmed this firsthand. That being said, we’re ta…
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best memes that joke about avril lavigne

The Funniest Avril Lavigne Memes for Rock Chicks Who Know It's Not Punk to Call Themselves Punk

Time for pop punk millennials to bring back the tie and t-shirt look.
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TikTok comments section where people debate whether singers should actually sing well at karaoke

People Debate Whether Singers Should Show Off At Karaoke

Cringe or not cringe?
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funniest shania twain memes

'Let's go girls!': Funniest Shania Twain Memes That Will Impress You Much

"Remember in 1997 when Brad Pitt was just minding his own business and Shania Twain dropped a country diss track about how he don't impress her?"
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funniest memes of The Voice

The Best 'The Voice' Memes to Rise and the Most Iconic Moments From the Show

What if there were a show where judges picked their favorite viral internet celeb, and then work with them to make the best meme??
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funniest celine dion memes

Funniest Celine Dion Memes That Will Make Your Heart Go On and On

If you know anything about the pop star, is that she's a wonderful goofball and is the BEST meme muse.
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A compilation of tweets about Spotify Wrapped coming out

Funniest Spotify Wrapped Tweets For Listeners In the Top 0.5%

Today is the day we've all been waiting for. Today nosy people can finally definitively know what music has been playing in their friends' and acquaintances' headphones over the last 11 months. Today's the day when you remember why you're not paying $9.99 for Apple Music. Today is Spotify Wrapped Release Day. Every year, Spotify gives you stats on all of the abjectly embarrassing music you've been jamming to since January. It tells you your top songs and artists and even curates a playlist of y…
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funniest machine fun kelly memes

Funniest Brutal Machine Gun Kelly Memes That Absolutely Obliterate MGK in Roasts

MGK? More like LOL.
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Billie Eilish memes

Funniest Billie Eilish Memes That Will Make You Happier Than Ever

Or are you the bad guy?
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funniest katy perry memes

Funniest Katy Perry Memes That Own the Night Like the Fourth of July

Have you ever felt like a plastic bag or a meme?
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