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12 'Old Town Road' Memes That'll inspire You To Ride 'Til You Can't No More

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Video of Lil Nas X surprising an elementary school and performing 'Old Town Road' at an assembly

Lil Nas X Surprising Elementary School Kids With 'Old Town Road' Is Heartwarming AF

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Video of Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj attempting to rap during their Coachella performance

Ariana Grande And Nicki Minaj's Coachella Fail Is Cringey As Hell

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14 Punny 'Mr. Brightside' Memes That'll Get All The 2000s Kids Turnt

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Nailed It

Pic of Ariana Grande on someone's phone next to a terrible drawing they did of said photo
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Ariana Grande's Newest Single Is Inspiring Hilarious Memes And Parodies

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Yeah, What The Hell Happened To Him?

Tweet that reads, "This dude just dropped one song and dipped" above a pic of Gotye; someone replies, "Now he's just somebody that we used to know"
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14 All-Star Smash Mouth Memes That'll Have You Walkin' On The Sun

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I Chimed In With A Haven't You People Ever Heard Of

Caption that reads, "Buzzfeed has reached its peak" above a Buzzfeed quiz that reads, "Your Panic! At the Disco preferences will reveal what kind of grape you are"
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'...BODY Once Told Me'

Caption that reads, "Math teacher says 'sum;' Me: ..." above a pic of the kid with veins popping out of his neck sitting in class and Smash Mouth photoshopped into his brain
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arianga grandes tattoo fail

Ariana Grande's Epic Tattoo Fail Is Inspiring Some Sizzling Roasts

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pop songs translated into old english

16 Pop Songs Translated Into Shakespearean English

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They Were So Wise

Tweet that reads, "Damn, Smash Mouth was right. The years start coming and they really don't stop coming"
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Text that reads, "'Started from the bottom now we here??' Amazed by technology, Drake steps out of the elevator"
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It's Tragic

Caption that reads, "Me in the photos I upload vs. me in photos I'm tagged in" above a pic of Rihanna looking attractive next to a terrible photo of her
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Mr Brightside Star Wars lyrics

'Mr. Brightside' Lyrics Get A Priceless Star Wars Twist When Retold By Anakin Skywalker

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