Police. Cops. Popo. 5-O. Whatever officer might be looking for, you'll find all that here and more. These coppers will charge you up like a battery, so get a shock to your system with witty police humor.

Funny story on Facebook from North Ridgeville Police department in texas, cow fell out of truck, moodini.

Texas PD's Story About A Wayward Cow Is Content We Deserve

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Funny dank memes entitled 'Protester Running From Riot Police'

'Protester Running From Riot Police' Memes (13 Dank Memes)

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People Who Do This: Stop

Funny tweet that reads, "Police: why'd you kill him? Me: he was making an 'aahh' sound after every sip of coffee and holding his cup close to his face with two hands; Police: okay just try not to do anymore murders"
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That's Your Job, Ya Dummy

Funny meme about a cop pulling someone over and asking if he knows why he was pulled over
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Funny video of a police officer pulling over a guy who lands his airplane on a highway near Seattle, WA

Plane Makes Emergency Landing On A Highway In This Odd Dash-Cam Video

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Funny memes, funny tweet about police

16 Funny Cop Memes For The Donut Addicts

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Feeling cute challenge, back the blue bonnets challenge, police, felt cute might delete later, dr phil. | Person - Felt cute might pop xanny and pass my car later idk @moistbuddha

The Whole Damn Internet Is 'Feeling Cute Might Delete Later' And We've Got The Memes To Prove It

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police searching for a short guy

Pint-Sized Dude Gets Ruthlessly Roasted On Police Department's Wanted Notice

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petty fight over parking lot

Police Respond To Two Adult-Babies Having A Petty Parking Lot Standoff In This Absurd Twitter Story

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Tweet that reads, "I called the cops on my own party last night because I was ready to go to bed"
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Gimme It

Caption that reads, "Me: I'm not saying a word without my lawyer present; Cop: You ARE the lawyer; Me: So where's my present?" above a stock photo of a police officer interrogating a guy at a police station
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I Know You Did It!!

Caption that reads, "Which one of you MFs in here using a straw!" above a pic of a sea turtle appearing to crash through a wall
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Hey, At Least They're Honest?

Pic of a road sign that reads, "Local police are now targeting: Anything to raise revenue"
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'I Had No Idea Officer, I Swear!'

'Surprised Pikachu' meme with a caption that reads, "Me acting shocked when the cop tells me I was going over the speed limit"
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Tweet that reads, "On Halloween we dress up as skeletons but every other day of the year our skeletons dress up as us; Cop: You know you have the right to remain silent, right?"
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24 Boredom-Banishing Memes & Sh*tposts

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