Police. Cops. Popo. 5-O. Whatever officer might be looking for, you'll find all that here and more. These coppers will charge you up like a battery, so get a shock to your system with witty police humor.

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Weekly Internet Roundup: Cops on Slides, The Planet of the Bass, and Mourning for Tater Tot

Also, Lizzo plunges into the cancellation meme cycle.
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Grown Man Calls Police on Six-Year-Old Child After Sister-in-Law Steals Nintendo Switch

There are some situations where nobody is in the right. Everybody just sucks, and the entire event context is just kind of miserable. It appears we have the perfect example of that scenario right here on Reddit. The story goes, a father ( /u/Flimsy_Wish_7885 ) throws a Fourth of July cookout for his entire family. Everything seems to go swimmingly, except for the fact that the man's 13-year-old daughter can't seem to find her Nintendo Switch after everyone departs. Doing what we all would when…
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Niche Internet Microcelebrity Spotlight: Lawyer Kevin Kennedy

He's the real life Saul Goodman.
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Answers To An r/AskReddit Question Wondering What Things Movie Consistently Get Incorrect

People Share the Things Movies Consistently Get Incorrectly

Did you guys know that movies and TV…are not real? Crazy, I know. It can be shocking and even harrowing to discover that screenwriters do not actually know the 411 on the industries they write about. Whether it be Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, or even Grey's Anatomy , I can practically guarantee you that none of the writers of those shows have ever been a cop, firefighter, or doctor. Because of this lack of industry overlap, there are countless discr…
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Rick and Morty Get Cancelled, Greta Gets Arrested, and Pink Sauce Hits Walmart

More good times online.
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Funniest Greta Thunberg Memes That Naturally Have Nothing to Do With Climate Change

How dare you!
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A compilation of memes about firefighters and firefighting

Firefighter Memes For Firefighters, Volunteer or Otherwise

When you're a kid, you're presented with very few jobs that you could pursue in the future. Everyone wants to be a doctor, spaceman, or cop, but all of these occupations pale in comparison to being a firefighter . Gun to my head, if I had to choose one of the “babies first dream job” jobs, the firefighter would be at the top of my list. That's not just because of their rad calendars or because I'd rather be a house fire victim than become a doctor or a cop. I feel like firefighters have a prett…
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Mischievous Friend Group Gets Drunk, Accidentally Makes City’s Crow Population Hate Cops

A formidable enemy
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Man Alleges Scammer Tried To Sell Girlfriend “Stolen” PS5

All this for a console?
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Man Documents Experience Of Getting Locked In A Grocery Store

Endless freebies!
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Funny tweets about marijuana smoking mouce, argentina

An Old Graphic From Florida News Channel Has Become the Object of Twitter's Affection

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Awkward TikTok Gets Dueted, Sparks The Most Insane Chain Of Events Possible

Wait, they’re on TV now?
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Nothing To See Here

Funny meme about pretending that you weren't fighting with your siblings when your mom comes in
Via u/MJenius-MJ

Absolutely Nothing Suspicious To See Here

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "If anyone is planning any illegal activities tonight let me know. I love doing crimes"
Via youdontevenknowbroke
Funny and cringey video of a female police officer crying over her McDonald's order at the drive-thru

Karen Cop Gives Cringey Speech In McDonald's Drive-Thru

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Tweets and data about increased fireworks, fireworks conspiracy theories, nyc, new york city, united states, nypd, police activity | Son Baldwin (Robert Jones 2d v 2. Desensitization as means get us so used sounds firecrackers and other fireworks they start using their real artillery on us won't PROPHETS know difference s meant sound like war zone because war zone is s about become. 39 271,661 O 8,656 Son Baldwin (Robert Jones 2d think this is psychological warfare PROPHETS first wave before wha

Here's Why Twitter's Lighting Up With Fireworks Conspiracy Theories

It's not just in New York.
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