Police. Cops. Popo. 5-O. Whatever officer might be looking for, you'll find all that here and more. These coppers will charge you up like a battery, so get a shock to your system with witty police humor.

Funny video sketch of cops being trained to be more aggressive toward black people they come across

Satirical Sketch Depicts What Police Training Must Be Like

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Funny video showing a British police officer chasing a guy onto a pier, guy pushes the police officer into the water

Hilarious English Police Chase Ends With Cop Getting Pushed Into The Water

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Interesting Twitter thread from a guy who spent a night riding along with his classmate who was a police officer | Sean Trainor @ess_trainor long time ago younger and dumber did police ride-along with high school classmate who had gone on become cop one most chilling and radicalizing nights my life Thread

Guy Shadows A Cop For A Night In This Eye-Opening Twitter Thread

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Funny tweets about how Austin PD forged thank you letters and thank you cards in an attempt to show they have support in the city of Austin Texas | Lukiss @LucasChitty absolutely dying at fact APD forged dozens thank letters and didn't even bother change up handwriting on ANY THEM. OAustin Police Department O @Austi. 1d can't express enough grateful are serve Austin. Our officers have been working around clock during these unprecedented times and thank everyone who took time write and make our

Austin PD Roasted For Forging Thank You Notes

Nice try.
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Twitter thread about how dave chappelle surprised comedy show in brooklyn, taught people about the relationship of the police and black me, racism, protests, anti-racism protests, black lives matter |  My coolest night comedy Chappelle dropped by @ComedyAtTheKnit MrWillMiles @theeclarkjones were still hosting were back room he town supporting Kevin Hart hosting SNL texted @joyellenicole like "any chance Dave wants go up | @KennyDeForest start show thinking he MIGHT come couple comics he sneaks

Twitter Thread: How Dave Chappelle Taught A Comedy Crowd About The History Of Black People And Police

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Swole Firefighters

Funny meme about firefighters vs cops, swole doge vs cheems | I ran into a burning house for the third time In a row to save a kitten pwotesters scary
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I'm Shocked

Funny dank meme about the irony of the police using force on people protesting police brutality surprised Pikachu | Protesters: Protest police brutality Police: Uses brutality to stop peaceful protest Protester: Become enraged
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Where did she go?

Funny meme about Kendall Jenner pepsi, we need her now that there are clashes between police and citizens | When the world needed her most, she vanished..
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Twitter thread from lawyer about hypocritical brands posting about black lives matter, microsoft, reese's, hershey's, prada | Respectable Lawyer @RespectableLaw Microsoft built products using cobalt extracted by 8-year-old mining slaves Democratic Republic Congo. Microsoft O @Microsoft 22h #NewProfilePic Today will continue uplift voices Black and African American community at Microsoft | Respectable Lawyer @RespectableLaw Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are made using cocoa extracted by 8- year-old

Twitter Thread Calls Out Hypocrisy Of 'Woke' Brands' Black Lives Matter Posts

Virtue signaling is easy.
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Funny video of a woman interrupting a street performance

Stubborn Karen Ruins Everyone's Day During A Street Performance

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He's So Sad Now

Funny meme pun comic about a prisoner who tried to escape, therefore "letting his guard down" | I'm sorry I tried to escape. I'm not mad, I'm just....disappointed.
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Funny tweets from the Lawrence Kansas PD about coronavirus response | LAWRENCE POLICE Lawrence Police @LawrenceKS_PD ART KS Ask yourself "is this enough toilet paper last until August and then do not buy much toilet paper. Also, don't steal toilet paper violates no crime order.

Lawrence Kansas Police Department Tackles Coronavirus With Humor

Stop hoarding toilet paper!
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Funny Facebook posts from the New Zealand police Facebook page | New Zealand Police couldn't not dollypartonchallenge LINKEDIN INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TINDER. Yes should. Should wear seatbelt? yes yes but yellow pie chart blue and yellow

Fourteen Cute And Funny Posts From The New Zealand Police Facebook Page

Cute puppies galore!
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Yeah Can You Guys Not

Funny meme about family barging into the bathroom when you're using it after it's been unoccupied all day | bathroom: empty all day. every member of my family within 0.002 nanoseconds of me entering it. police breaking a door.
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Funny facebook posts, criminals, richland wa police department | Anthony Akers is posted about by Richmond WA Police dept and then has comment section chat with them, eventually turning himself into the police

Dude Responds To His Own 'Wanted' Post On Facebook, Hilarity Ensues

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No U

Funny headline that reads, "Hong protester arrested for using giant spoon against water gun vehicles"
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