Poetry in Motion

drinking alcohol poetry - 7910107904
By Unknown

Did I Even Try?

childhood oh god why poetry - 7901510656
By ZombieToast902

The Meaning of a Poem

school poetry g rated School of FAIL - 7783150080
By Unknown
ocd poetry - 53527809

A New Perspective of the Day: Neil Hilborn's Inspiring Poem about OCD

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Edgar Allan Bro Has Some Choice Vocabulary

bro poetry - 7080583424
By Unknown

Poetry in College

class venn diagram college poetry - 6996789248
By ghurduk

Five... Seven... Five...

Pie Chart poetry - 6833416448
By Unknown

Really Bad Analogies Written By High School Students

poetry writing dumb - 6665771520
Via Pleated Jeans

Hurry Up Please, It's Time

clock fap Memes poetry watch - 6412038144
By Jeffreynotgeofry

Would a Meme, by Any Other Name, Smell as Sweet?

poetry Rage Comics shakespeare - 6035791616
By shittywok

Rick Rolling in the Sheets

mother of god poetry Rage Comics rick roll sexytimes spiderpman - 6018250752
By Unknown

Poetry 101

paper poetry Rage Comics truancy story - 5935128064
By Unknown

Can You Write Me a Poem?

college english major Pie Chart poetry truancy story - 5593878272
By Franklinad

Net Noob: The Game? Can I Play, Sistah?!

letter Net Noob poetry the game trolling - 5307789568
See all captions By Unknown

That's What She Rhymed

book IRL native american poetry thats what she said - 5009471744
By DunderMiffliNate

I Just Felt So Moved

bear grylls facebook piss poetry - 4786187264
By Unknown