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Cringey Social Media 'Poem' Gets Roasted on Twitter

Check his Discord, ladies
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Entertaining Times People Were Wordsmiths Of The Internet

Creativity abounds.
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Funny and depressing fridge magnets poems from the depressing fridge poems instagram account, nihilistic, cynical | roses are red violets blue are romance has been dead since 2002 have all just tricked ourselves believing into pets aren't our prisoners

The 'Depressing Fridge Poems' Instagram Is A Cynic's Dream

Deliciously dark.
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AP Lit Memes For The Driven & Miserable Overachievers

Is the pain worth the credits?
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Funny dank memes entitled, "What, you egg?" | bit from a shakespeare play where someone gets stabbed after calling somebody else an egg, followed by english teachers reaction depicted by kermit looking forlornly out of a window. another meme is a waffle labeled with the line from the play, with a content looking cat sitting next to it labeled as english teachers

'What, You Egg?' Memes Roast High School English Teachers

*Something something something* blue curtains!
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Funny and cute cat poetry tweets from Twitter account called 'Curious Zelda'

Adorably Dumb Cat Poems From 'Curious Zelda'

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16 Meme-y Internet Poems That Exude Artistic Brilliance

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Henlo Mr. Skwid

Pic of a little squid in a petri dish above a poem about the squid camouflaging itself
Via neitherkestrel

Rip. Off.

Caption that reads, "When he says poems and chill and he actually means poems and chill" above a classical painting of a guy reading out of a book sitting next to a woman looking disappointed
Via oenavia


Poem about a tiger written by a six-year-old that actually turned out pretty good
Via NotDan1138
roses are red hot take funny tweets funny twitter poetry - 6558725

Hot Takes On The 'Roses Are Red' Poems Are Hilariously Twisted

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poems about millenials ruining everything

Guy Tweets Hysterical Poems About All Of The Industries Millennials Are Killing

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Funny pop songs turned into Shakespearean sonnets, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Eminem, rap, pop, pop music.

All Your Favorite Pop Songs Re-Imagined As Sonnets

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Funny Twitter meme mixing William Carlos Williams

William Carlos Williams' Plums Poem Is Our New Favorite Twitter Meme

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Collection of famous pop songs re-imagined as Shakespearean sonnets, cover photo of Eminem in Elizabethan clothing with a sonnet version of "Lose Yourself."

More Of Your Favorite Pop Songs Re-Imagined As Sonnets

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Poetry Is All Around Us

Funny poetry meme about man who is injured by a flying dildo, front page of newspaper.
Via memezar
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