Poetry Is All Around Us

Funny poetry meme about man who is injured by a flying dildo, front page of newspaper.
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Funny meme: headline poetry about a boy being eaten by a bear and wondering if it was connected to his vaccination.
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dr seuss for adults

People Theorize What It Would Be Like If Dr. Seuss Wrote Erotic Novels and Now Our Childhoods are Ruined

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Beautiful poetry

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Nael, age 6. Future Shakespeare

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You're a Robot of Binary Talent

web comics robots poetry You're a Robot of Binary Talent
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Slam Poetry Slammed in One Minute Long Poem

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I Dig That

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This Poetry Reading of Nicki Minja's 'Anaconda' Will Give You Deep Thoughts About Butts

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Ye Fræfh Prynce of Belle-Aire

tumblr ye olde the fresh prince of bel-air poems poetry - 8316771328
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Snapchat is Where Poetry Goes to Die

flirting weather poetry snapchat failbook - 8235716352
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The Spirit of Shakespeare Lives in Jared Huskey

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Listen to Poet Mike Hunt Read Just About the Deepest Poem You'll Ever Hear

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At Least it Rhymes

drinking poetry web comics - 8106629632
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Happy Valentine's Day All You Lovebirds!

oag overly attached girlfriend Valentines day poetry - 8059986432

Accidental Tumblr Poetry

roses are red poetry - 8036419840