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Share if You Love Ice Cream!

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By Unknown

I Haven't Tied These Shoes in Years

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By Unknown

A Feeling You Never Grow Out Of

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By rumbataz

This Never Ends Well

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By sweetiesuicune1

Use ALL the Toppings!

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By pumaking73

They Just Like the Clicking Noise it Makes

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By NiciS

Purely Aesthetic Reasons

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By Unknown

Life Happened

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By berreinnt

I Waited an Hour For the Letter K?

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By Unknown

Just Blow Your Nose and Be Done With It

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By lucky_cat12

That Fireball Didn't Even TOUCH Me!

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By Unknown

They're Just So Comfy

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By Unknown

Bonus: No Creepy Villager From Animal Crossing

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By Unknown

Guess I Have to Make Banana Bread Now

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By Unknown

"It Must Have Gotten Caught in My Spam Filter!"

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By User#7465928

Reasons for Volunteering

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By RedIronCrown