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pie charts call of duty Inception james bond graphs funny - 7605300992

When Do I Give a Vague, Noncommittal Response?

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Created by Unknown

I Swear I Didn't See It!

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Created by Indigo64

Plus They Come With Rice Krispies Treats Now!

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Created by ilikegraphs123


pie charts Pokémon punctuation graphs funny - 7601549824
Created by theguyfromacrosstheblock

Then I Give Up and Make a Pie Chart

pie charts insomnia graphs funny - 7603373568
Created by hmmw

I'm Sure I'll Remember Before Tomorrow Morning

pie charts shower graphs funny - 7567135232
Created by tanwoo

Or Any Other Program, Really

pie charts skype graphs funny - 7587319552

I Like to Keep it Old School

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Created by TrollerOfBronies

The Smiley Just Adds Insult to Injury

pie charts youtube graphs funny - 7577533952

Discuss Amongst Yourselves

pie charts FPS halo graphs cod funny - 7580997376
Created by xXxDarkBearxXx

Oh, You Learned Those Years Ago?

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Created by gogeta362

For Everything Else, There's Internet

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Created by sleepytime

What About Downton Abbey?

pie charts Harry Potter movies TV doctor who graphs funny - 7590109440

The Only Winning Move...

pie charts internet graphs funny politics - 4477087488

They Usually End Up Disappointed

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Created by TheRandomGrabber