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I Didn't Have a Brick Separator

pie charts lego graphs funny - 7545945088
By Unknown

And That Orange Slice? It's a High Score in Candy Crush

pie charts work graphs funny - 4488096512
By pmcgee

It's That Time of Year Again

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By Unknown

Plus the Music Gets Really Ominous

pie charts Movie graphs funny - 7537399552
By Unknown

Thank Goodness For E-Readers

pie charts reading graphs funny - 7539992064
By Unknown

I Failed Calc, But I'm AWESOME at CoD

studying pie charts graphs funny - 7535825152
By Unknown

Might as Well Be Empty

pie charts food graphs fridge funny - 4489296128
By cameronmacc

Childfree is the Way For Me

pie charts kids parenting graphs funny - 4488551168
By xfanficx

My Blankets Will Protect Me!

pie charts graphs funny slenderman - 7536305664
By botdflover69

Available For a Limited Time

pie charts graphs girl scouts funny - 4489144064
By corvusmagnus

Unless You Read the Book First

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By Unknown

Must Start Using Patterns

pie charts printers meta graphs funny - 7527829504
By Unknown

Obey Us, Hoomins!

pie charts graphs Cats funny - 7508266752
By lechen

A Balanced Diet

pie charts tacos food graphs funny cereal - 4490419968
By jgigs

It Didn't Sound That Good Anyway

pie charts cooking recipe graphs funny - 7518133760
By chokatonegg

The Notifications Make Me Feel Less Alone

pie charts forever alone twitter texts graphs funny - 4489867264
By shayexway