Funny texts, scammer getting trolled, itunes gift cards | 1D barcode - 6:27 +1 (740) 673-0132 iTunes QW44EATADICK4A7D $1 88590991989 send receipt cards

Creative Dude Expertly Trolls Text Scammer With The Help Of Photoshop

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Funny Photoshop trolls from James Fridman

50 Classic Photoshop Trolls From the Legendary James Fridman

He's a hero
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Funny random memes and tweets, lol, dank memes

A Variety of Memes & Tweets for Avoidant Personalities

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Funny and cringey photoshop fails, catfishing, cringeworthy, yikes | see happens stay on grind Jalen Skutt @JalenSkutt Did door hit gym too? | Don't hate her cause she has curves just say prayer poor horse.

20+ Ultra-Cringey Photoshop Failures

This is why Photoshop tutorials exist.
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Cursed and cringey fake food products, pop tarts, ham, chips, hot pockets

Cursed & Cringey Food Parodies That Thankfully Aren't Real

Mmm mm good.
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Funny memes and things from Obvious Plant

50 Marvelously Absurd Gems From the Incomparable Obvious Plant

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paddington bear, movies, memes, funny, reddit, twitter, twitter memes, photoshop, parody, lol, creepy paddington

A Guy Has Been Photoshopping Paddington Bear Into a Different Movie Every Day for Almost a Year

In 2014, Britain's favorite marmalade-loving bear came to life in the first live action adaptation of A Bear Called Paddington, the classic children's book by English author Michael Bond. On June 10th, 2014 a still from the film was released to promote Paddington. The picture featured a grinning CGI Paddington Bear standing in front of Buckingham Palace in his blue duffle coat, floppy hat, and carrying a shabby briefcase. Something about the image inspired the internet, because people began plac
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Photoshop cats, crying cats, cursed cats, funny cat pictures

Cursed & Crying Cat Pics That Prove They're More Than Just Cute

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edit, photo, facetune, twitter, funny, why, war, ww2, wife, death

Internet Stranger Goes A Little Too Far Restoring Photos Of Elderly Man’s Late Wife

A wartime sweetheart with a BBL.
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Marvel fans photoshop Zendaya to have Red hair and white skin, whitewashing, racist, debate, twitter, tweets, spider-man, zendaya with red hair

Some Marvel Weirdo Whitewashed Zendaya & People Are Fighting About It

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Funny memes about painted over roach, landlord, bad landlords, wtf, fail

Lazy Landlord Paints Over Roach, Photoshop Memes Ensue

We don't make the rules, but it seems like for every good landlord, the world is obligated to birth 20+ landlords that fall into the greedy, lazy, or just plain absent category. None of this has improved during the second year of the pandemic. Some landlords can't even be bothered to request aid - they'd rather just evict their downtrodden tenants and charge someone else more rent. Sometimes, however, tales of their antics are less evil and more ridiculous. This is definitely the case for Twitt…
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Funny memes, food memes, weird memes, surreal memes

Weird Food Memes That Are Something Of An Acquired Taste

Dig in.
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He's A Natural

funny memes, memes, photoshop
Via Miiaka
'Mexico In American Movies' Is A Sepia-Toned Meme That We're Really Digging Right Now

'Mexico In American Movies' Memes Roast Hollywood's Stylistic Choices

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Funny account @emilyinparasite criticizes Emily in Paris, mashup, photoshop emily into stills from Bong Joon-ho's parasite | Lily Collins taking selfie with Parasite actors and outside the house from the movie

'Emily In Parasite' Is A Scathing & Satirical Mashup Account

We love Instagram.
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Funny dank memes that show two mudskipper looking impressed by another mudskipper | My grandparents who just turned WiFi on and off @memebase | strip club pole dancing

Sixteen 'Impressed Mudskipper' Memes For The Amphibian Enthusiasts

The internet's newest dumb meme obsession.
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