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Fresh 'N Funny Tweets For Easy Entertainment (January 20, 2023)

A lot of people have been talking about how Elon Musk ruined Twitter. While the dude is undeniably insufferable, we regret to inform these folks that the app has almost always been iffy at best. Sure, there's a lot to be laughed at (and learned about) on Twitter, but there's also a lot that scares us. Pompous incels spouting dangerous vitriol , political know-it-alls who love reading their own words, and those people who really, really need to touch grass one of these days. To say that Twitter…
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Funny questions on Amazon product page for cat carrier featuring cat with makeup

Amazon Shoppers Have a Field Day With Cat Carrier's Ridiculously Photoshopped Product Image

Shopping on Amazon can be tricky for a multitude of reasons. The most glaring being that Jeff Bezos' online shopping giant is known for its cruel treatment of its employees, and for putting small businesses, well, out of business. Another issue I've had is the sheer volume of fake reviews for cheap, poor-quality products hailing from China. Many of these products misrepresent themselves, and they're often ineligible for refunds. Always read the fine print. Though sifting through reviews and scr…
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pets, animals, dogs, cats, funny stories, twitter thread, vet, veterarian, illness, sick

Pet Owners Recall The Dumbest Reasons They Took Their Animal To The Veterinarian

Some ridiculous diagnoses
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Cute and funny dog memes

Dog Memes For Doggo and Pupper Connoisseurs

It's been years since I had a dog of my own. Taking care of the energetic beasts isn't an easy feat, and it doesn't exactly suit the urban lifestyle - especially in New York City where we pay exorbitant rents for shoebox-sized apartments. While I happily accept my new cat-person identity, I enthusiastically enjoy dogs vicariously. This means cooing over photos of my friends' dogs, or spending time cuddling with my parents' adorable (and huge) canine companions. No disrespect to my cats, but the…
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Funny thread of weird and funny cat names

Tweet About Naming Pets Inspires Giant Thread of Unorthodox Cat Names

While we don't normally need an excuse to look at cute animals on the internet, but we'll take one when it comes up. And boy, did one come up this weekend. Twitter user @adamgreattweet (who happens to live up to his handle) penned a viral tweet about the differences between dog names and cat names. Despite the fact that it was a wild (and harmless) generalization, the quip went viral, racking up over 36k retweets and almost 500k likes.
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guinea pig, pets, animals, feeding, funny, alexa, technology, tiktok

Guinea Pig Owner Delights Internet with Ingenious Solution to Feeding Time

It's elaborate
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Funny cat memes

Crazy Cute Cat Memes For Feline Fiends

If you asked any of my friends, they would tell you I am addicted to cats. And they might not be wrong. I'm constantly discussing Gorgeous and Grigio, my sweet, sweet furry pets. But the reality behind this infatuation might be less sweet than one would think. If you weren't aware, a little parasite called toxoplasmosis gondii causes toxoplasmosis, a disease that can affect nearly all living creatures, though it is most commonly found in cats. Despite that statistic, it's been documented in hum…
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A list of funny names from the pet adoption platform Petfinder.

15 Absurd Pet Names That It's Hard To Believe Are Real

Unique pet names are such a joy. There's nothing worse than meeting an animal who has the most basic uncreative name you could think of. As a child, I went to the neighbor kids' house, thrilled to find out they had guinea pigs. However, my glee subsided when I found out the horrid truth. They named their white guinea pig Snowball, their brown guinea pig Hershey, and their black and white guinea pig Oreo. That is an abomination. How could you be so uncreative to name a pet the most obvious thing…
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Sad memes, sad comics, grief, death, depression, crying | moreño @dank_uchiha No longer here but she still makes him some space | Interesting Fact: Alex parrot's subject 37-year experiment) last words his caretaker were be good love TRY LIE DOWN CRY LOT NOT CRY

Super Sad Memes For When You Need A Good Cry

Oh no
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cute pics, aww, animals, wholesome, hide and seek, pets, cats, dogs, twitter thread, funny tweets, kids, parenting

Cute & Funny Pics of Pets Playing Hide and Seek (Badly)

Pets are little bundles of endless entertainment. Twitter user @DustinGrowick recently shared an adorable picture of his cat disguised as a paper towel roll, and the post has inspired hundreds of people to reply with funny images of their own fuzzy masters of disguise. Keep scrolling to see our favorite highlights from the wholesome thread.
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instagram, ex, ex boyfriend, relationship, relationships, dog, dogs, cringe, funny twitter

Man Sparks Mixed Reactions After Messaging Ex On His Dog’s Instagram

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Twitter thread in which characters from lord of the rings are recast as dogs | Save Lady K @Coppertopmpls If Lord of the Rings was all dogs: a thread: Frodo as a pug Boromir as a Labrador Saruman as an Afghan Hound

Twitter Thread Recasts 'Lord of The Rings' Characters As Dogs

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Funny story from Facebook about cats taking a Vitamix box hostage, lesbians

Couple Begs Vitamix For Empty Boxes After Cats Take New Blender (and Box) Hostage

Please, help them.
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Pet owners share what they would do if a person was rude to their cat, dog, or pet, tweets, twitter thread

Pet Owners Discuss How to Deal With People Who Are Rude to Their Animal Friends

How DARE they
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Funny video of dog entertaining its owner and their friends inspires celebration of all things dogs, pets, cute, wholesome, adorable

Wholesome Dog Video Inspires Well-Deserved Celebration of Canines

We don't deserve dogs. But they bless us anyway.
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Funny random memes, dank memes, lol, humor, relatable memes, relatability, lol, comedy, animals, animal memes

50+ Memes For Very Bored People

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